Football Fans Take Over Downtown Lviv!

Issue 12, April 2009.

Celebrations to mark anniversary of Ukraine’s first ever football match, April 29, City Centre
This year Lviv will mark the 115th anniversary of a local footballing landmark by inviting the city’s legions of players and fans to descend on the downtown area for a day of revelry. Back in 1894 a Lviv side scored a victory over a rival team from Krakow in what is thought to have been the first game of football ever played in Ukraine. This event has allowed Lvivites to claim that the city is the spiritual home of Ukrainian football, despite the fact that local talisman side Karpaty Lviv has recorded exactly zero Soviet or Ukrainian championship wins. With all eyes of the city’s efforts to portray itself as a vibrant footballing capital in the build-up to Euro 2012, this should be a fun outing that will likely lead to plenty of laughs in what promises to be a gridlocked city centre.