65th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Lviv

  • 65th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Lviv
Issue 27, September 2010.

Between 22nd and 30th October 2010, Lviv will gather about 300 youngsters from all over Europe, to discuss European politics and live their European citizenship at the 65th International Session of the European Youth Parliament. The youngsters will discuss current topics of European politics and draft resolutions which will then be debated according to the rules of the European Parliament.

European Youth Parliament (EYP) was founded in 1987 as a pan-European school project, which spreads and promotes the idea of united Europe and European citizenship. Over the past 20 years, the organisation has been undergoing the processes of expansion and enlargement; now it functions in 32 European countries. It successfully operates in the EU member states, and also in the neighbouring countries. EYP conducts 3 international sessions annually, which are attended by over 250 young people, aged 16-22, from all of Europe along with the teachers who come together not only to support the delegations but also to discuss and to learn from each other’s experiences and practices. EYP National Committees also conduct dozens of national and regional sessions and forums on an annual basis. European Youth Parliament aims to provide youth with unique learning experience.

International Youth NGO ‘European Youth Parliament – Ukraine’ (EYP-Ukraine) represents one of 32 national committees of European Youth Parliament. Registered with the Government of Ukraine on February 18, 2002, it is a full-fledged participant of civil society development process in Ukraine. De facto, EYP-Ukraine has been successfully operating in Ukraine since 2000, involving young Ukrainians in activities of one of the largest European platforms for debate, intercultural encounters, educational work and exchange of ideas among young Europeans. Annually EYP-Ukraine conducts a National Session selecting delegations to represent Ukraine at EYP international and regional sessions in Europe, as well as regional sessions in Ukrainian cities and other youth projects.

During its lifetime, EYP-Ukraine has acquired professional expertise and valuable experience in organising different kinds of youth events: regional and international sessions, national conferences, trainings and workshops etc. Moreover, EYP-Ukraine has been a key partner in organisation of UN Youth Summits on Millennium Development Goals in Ukraine as well as a key youth partner of European Commission Delegation to Ukraine as it pertains to organisation of Europe Days in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

For more information about event, please, contact PR and Media Relations manager Oksana Korchak on +380505579268 or visit www.lviv2010.com.ua