«Lviv Festival of Science-2010»

  • «Lviv Festival of Science-2010»
Issue 23, April 2010.

 For the first time in Lviv will take place unique and special event, dedicated to scientific and educational issues – «Lviv Festival of Science-2010».

Festival will be hosted by Lviv Art Palace, during three days of April 21-23.

Expositions of the «Lviv Festival of Science-2010» will present the most original and interesting projects by representatives of six Lviv higher educational institutions – Franko National University, National University “Lvivska Polytehnika”, National Forestry university, Ukrainian Publishing Academy, Lviv National Agrarian University, Institute of Cellular Biology and Lviv Regional Science Academy.

Among highlights of the exposed invention projects are works of IT developers like “Virtual coach” (system, which is getting picture via webcam and analyses human activity according to the programmed set of exercises), also, will definitely draw attention «RoboWay», «Cosmic training» (rehabilitation games for children suffering of cerebral paralysis).

Within «Lviv Festival of Science-2010» will be held numerous master classes on web-design various quizzes and IT contests for students of Lviv schools. Winners will be awarded with valuable prizes. Also, visitors of the «Lviv Festival of Science-2010» will have wonderful possibilities to participate in discussion forums, round-tables with professors of the Universities and scientists. Representatives of leading IT companies will arrange promotional activities to popularize scientific items among students.

Non formal part of the «Lviv Festival of Science-2010» will be comprises of photo-expositions, open air literary readings, music concerts and dance fun.

«Lviv Festival of Science-2010» April 21-23, 2010,
Lviv Art Palace (17, Kopernyka str., Lviv)
Working hours of from 9.00 till 18.00

For more information, please, call + 38 (032) 2728933