Pop impresario finally arrives on Lviv stage

  • Pop impresario finally arrives on Lviv stage
Issue 23, April 2010.

 Lviv Philharmonic Society Theatre will host unique event at the start of the early May holiday season – a rare live performance from alternative music maestro and theatrical innovator Sergej Babkin. The talented and intriguing Mr. Babkin is best known as the founder and leader of 5nizza”, but as well as making waves in the Ukrainian pop world he has successfully carved a parallel career on stage as one of leading actors at Kharkiv’s “Theatre 19”, where he also composes and performs his music. This Lviv show will allow West Ukrainian fans a glimpse of his latest theatrical stage show, which promises to offer up mixtures of jazz, blues and a variety of the world’s most romantic folk music influences.

This is your first visit to Lviv- what images pop into your head when you contemplate the city?

In my imagination I see Lviv as an old city with an impressive and ancient history. In many ways I think of it as a Ukrainian St. Petersburg.

Why has it taken you so long to bring your stage show to Lviv?

Actually, it has not only been a long wait for my fans – I have also been looking forward to this for a very long time. I could easily ask myself the same question – why has it taken me so long to play Lviv? The simple answer is that I have never been invited. Recently we decided to take matters into our own hands and made contact with local concert promoters who have helped us to organise our 1 May concert. I must also point out that I am very active in my cultural pursuits and so do not always have time to follow through on organising tours. Theatre 19 has just held the premiere of a new performance entitled ‘Our Hamlet’ and 5nizza are preparing two new albums for release. I have also recently published a book of love poetry, so all in all my creative existence is fairly hectic!

As a musician and performer do you notice any marked differences between the type of audiences  you attract in different parts of Ukraine?

I wish I could say that there is no difference, but in truth I sometimes notice pretty striking changes in the atmosphere from different audiences. In general I would say that the audiences in places where we don’t play so  regularly tend to be more attentive and involved in the music. I’m sure that the Lviv audience will be charged with positive energy.

Most people are familiar with your work primarily as lead singer of 5nizza. What can we expect from  your solo concert programme?

I hope to be able to give something to every kind of music lover but would like to ask people to come without expectations and take things as they are, which is how it always should be.

As well as your musical achievements you have also made a career in theatre and appeared in  movies. What’s the secret to your versatility?

My greatest secret is that I actually have no secrets! What’s the secret in the miracle of a child’s birth? Everything is transparently clear. It is the same thing with inspiration - I look on the entire world as a source of inspiration. I think that as an individual I just happen to notice more detail in the world around me. I’m extremely curious!

What would you like to say to your Lviv fans ahead of your visit to the city?

My main message to everyone is simple: “Don’t be indifferent to the events which are happening around you and shaping your world! Try to cherish each and every day. Let’s work together to make this world a better place! Most of all let us put our faith in the good which resides in all of us! And naturally, I wish everyone lots of happiness!”


“Classika” by Sergej Babkin
May 1 from 18.00
Lviv Philharmonic Concert Hall named after S. Ludkevich
(7, Chaikovskoho Str., Lviv)

For more information please call  +380936025399
Ticket booking available at http://kvytky.ua