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Issue 21, February 2010.

 With the entire world seemingly debating the pros and cons of placing limits on the kind of energy supplies we consume and scrambling for viable eco-friendly alternatives to our current reliance on fossil fuels, the theme of green energy has never been more pertinent than it is today. This coming Lviv conference will likely attract a good selection of regional experts in the energy field and promose that it will allow them to observe first hand the latest innovations in the ecoenergy sphere. Waste management will be high on the agenda of the forum.
This is hardly surprising given that it is a subject which is of particular interest in Lviv, where waste management capacities have been severely tested in recent years and where various energy-generating incineration options are currently under consideration by regional officials. Ukraine’s energy debate also has an additional political dimension as the country remains dependent on supplies of Russian gas.
As well as leaving Ukraine hopelessly exposed to Russian political blackmail, this dependency has also produced an underperforming industrial sector and gas-gulping private sector where chronic inefficiency and waste often continue to be the norm thanks to decades of heavily subsidised Kremlin gas deliveries. Many Ukraine analysts believe that alterative energy sources could provide part of the answer to this unenviable political situation. The global push towards a switch to bio-fuels is another sector of particular interest in agriculturally wealthy Ukraine, with some of the country’s largest farming groups currently looking into the feasibility of switching much of their capacity over to the bio-fuel market. Meanwhile, the recent redevelopment of the Dnipropetrovsk hydroelectric dam will also have reignited interest in Ukraine’s already well-tapped hydroelectric power options.
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