Next Generation of Lviv Musicians

  • Next Generation of Lviv Musicians
Issue 21, February 2010.

 Fourth Annual ‘Golden Rose’ International Youth Music Festival,

February 21-28, Lviv Krushnelnitska Music School (10 Zelena Street) and Lysenko Music Academy (5 Nezhankivskoho Street)

This February will see some of the finest young classical music talent face large adult audiences for the first time as Lviv prepares to welcome the annual Golden Rose music festival. This event, which is held in honour of Isidor Wimmer, is a regular early highlight of the Lviv cultural calendar and will feature performances in a wide crange of disciplines including vocals, musical instrumentals, improvisation and musical theatre. Guests of the festival will also be able to enjoy a concert by Etella Chupryk, who will perform a ground-breaking piece entitled, ‘Poetry to Music’ accompanied by many of Lviv’s most famous poets. Meanwhile, on February 25 previous Golden Rosewinners will take part in a gala concert of their own at the Lysenko Music Academy.

For full programme details please contact Olena Wimmer on +38050-4301997.