Lovely Lorak plays Lviv

  • Lovely Lorak plays Lviv
Issue 21, February 2010.

 Early March will see the capital of West Ukraine prepare for International Women’s Day with a star turn from the country’s leading pop nymphet Ani Lorak. Little Ani has been big on the post-Soviet music scene since the mid-nineteen nineties and gained a whole new international audience when she was narrowly beaten into second place at the 2008 Eurovision song contest. Miss Lorak took time out of her hectic tour schedule to speak to Lviv Today about her upcoming Lviv date and her associations with the city.

Have you any particularly romantic memories of spending time in Lviv?

Actually I don’t have any romantic memories but I have plenty of personal associations - one of my first concerts ever actually took place in Lviv. I would say that I regard Lviv as a separate country entirely with its own cultural and architectural identity. It is a place where people speak an authentic version of the Ukrainian language. Lviv is Ukraine’s spiritual home and it really deserves to be the capitalcity of the country.

What is your favourite place in Lviv?

When I am in Lviv I never miss a chance to enjoy some of the legendary Lviv coffee – the result is always pectacularly delicious. I alsolike wandering in the historic centre of the city and enjoying the breathtaking architecture. A few years ago we were lucky enough to be taken on a trip to the city’s High Castle mount and I can still recall the spectacular views it offers of the city skyline. When I am in Lviv I feel the overwhelming urge to speak the Ukrainian language as beautifully as it is spoken here. I am touched by Lviv’s sense of identity and would love to find time at some point to record a couple of albums here exclusively in Ukrainian. At the very start of my career in show business I came to Lviv to perform in a Christmas gala concert and Lviv singer Ruslana, who was already a local legend, took me on a tour of some of the city’s most beautiful palaces and castles. I would love to use these Lviv landmarks as backdrops in one of my next videos!

What is special about the Lviv audience?

My Lviv audiences tend to be wonderfully receptive and very hearty in their enjoyment of the concert experience. I try to tailor my set to suit local tastes and whenever I am playing Lviv I include as many of my Ukrainian language songs as possible.

What pleasant surprises can your Lviv fans expect from your upcoming concert?

My latest album ‘Solntse’ is backed by an entire dance show full of ballet choreography and colourful costumes by my good friend Katya Shahovskaya. As ever, we will all be performing live and we promise to play all my most popular hits!

What was the most romantic or original present you ever received on International Women’s Day?

The thing is, I spend March 8 on stage almost every year, so I tend to receive lots of gifts including roses, teddies and poems from fans on the holiday itself. The main present in my life is my husband, who is always awaiting me behind the scenes.

Ani Lorak’s concert programme is based on a selection of songs from her new album ‘Solntse’. This is her latest nationwide tour in a career that spans as far back as 1996, when the fresh-faced Lorak first appeared as a sultry teenage sensation from faraway Chernivtsi in the Ukrainian Balkans.

Ani Lorak concert

Lviv Circus (83 Horodotska Str.)
Show begins at 19.00

For more information please call + 38032-2385330 or visit