Lviv lions on the loose!

  • Lviv lions on the loose!
Issue 16, September 2009.

Lion Parade, September 1 – September 22, Rynok Square

Following on from a tradition in modern public sculpture that has proved a big hit across Europe, Lviv this September will host the city’s second ever Lion Parade, featuring a series of decorated life-size ceramic lions painted and designed by local artists. In previous years a standard model had been used,  with celebrities invited to add their own distinctive designs, but this year local artists have been invited to design their own Lviv lions, with the public then having the chance to vote on which one they think best sums up Lviv’s lion traditions. Lviv has been known as ‘The Lion City’ ever since it was named after Lev, the son of the city’s Medieval founding father King Danylo. The area around Lviv is thought to once have been home to the now-extinct Carpathian lion, but even though there have been no real lions in the city for many centuries, the king of the beasts remains a ubiquitous symbol throughout Lviv, adorning doorways and monuments across the city. If you would like to take part in the voting to see which Lviv lion will emerge as the king of them all, head down to Rynok Square on September 15 when this year’s lions will be put on public display.
You will get the chance to cast your vote on September 21, after which the winning lions will be dispatched to all of Ukraine’s regional capitals as a symbol of Lviv’s eternal friendship and unique personality.