Acrobats, choirs and folk magic!

  • Acrobats, choirs and folk magic!
Issue 16, September 2009.

“The Whole World Sings from Heart to Heart,” 6th Annual International
Choral, Dance and Circus Arts Festival, October 1-5, Busk village, Lviv Oblast

This festival has been attracting a keen following of colourful entertainers and fans of spectacular pastimes since its inception in 2004. It is held in the ancient West Ukrainian village of Busk and attracts a wide range of performers in a variety of disciplines from jazz dance and contemporary choreography to circus troupes and folk music choirs. The festival is the work of the Sarimsakovikh family, who promise that as well as more traditional elements of travelling circus entertainment, this year’s event will also have a very contemporary feel with plenty of hip hop, boogie, and funk on offer. This is likely to be one of the undiscovered gems of the autumnal cultural season, and may be a once in a lifetime experience for visiting foreigners.

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