Lviv Sports


Issue 26, July 2010.
On the eve of the club’s first European campaign in a decade Karpaty Lviv unveiled a host of new signings in early July including a brace of Brazilians and a pair of home grown twins.

Horror of the Horns

Issue 26, July 2010.
Since the very start of the World Cup in South Africa global audiences have been treated to a barrage of noise which has proved equally irritating to viewers in every continent. This tuneless racket has been produced by thousands of ‘vuvuzela’ plastic horns which South African fans blow continuously throughout games, thereby robbing the World Cup of its more traditional crowd accompaniment. There are now fears that the rise of the vuvuzela, albeit fleeting and utterly gimmicky in nature, may nevertheless lead to a resurgent in brainless horn-blowing at Ukrainian football matches just in time to ruin the atmosphere at Euro 2012.

Markevich begins Euro 2012 quest with impressive hat trick

Issue 25, June 2010.
Newly appointed Ukrainian national coach Myron Markevich received a hero’s welcome in his native Lviv in late May as the national team overcame Romania on their way to a trio of impressive international victories.


Issue 25, June 2010.
On May 15 Lviv played host to a bodybuilding showdown which set out to determine which of the current crop of bodybuilding talent would get to represent the country in the 2010 European Championships.

Retrospective: Ukrainian heroes of the 1986 Mexico World Cup

Issue 25, June 2010.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union Russian football’s national squad was able to take up the mantle as the official successor side of the former USSR national team. However, arguably the greatest ever Soviet team to grace the World Cup was not a Moscow creation – indeed it is often forgotten that the much celebrated USSR team of the Mexico 86 World cup finals was effectively a Ukrainian national side in all but name. Built around the all-conquering Dynamo Kyiv team of the mid-1980s, the Soviet side which Ukrainian coach Valeriy Lobanovskiy took to Mexico 86 and Euro 88 is fondly remembered for its surgically precise football and taste for net-bursting wonder goals. However, few outside of Ukraine realize that this side was actually as Ukrainian as borsch or salo.


Issue 24, May 2010.
Local talisman side Karpaty Lviv booked their place in the 2010-11 Europa Cup in late April with a sensational home win over Dynamo Kyiv, denting the title hopes of the capital’s city’s high-flying league leaders with a 1-0 victory which all but secured the West Ukrainian club’s first European campaign in a decade.
Foreign legion:Karpaty player Batista (right) with his Metalist colleague Coelho

Home win over Metalist keeps Lviv’s 2010 Europa Cup Dream Alive

Issue 22, March 2010.
Fans of Lviv’s talisman side can continue to dream of a 2010-11 Europa Cup campaign following a crucial late February victory over fellow top six Ukrainian league hopefuls Metalist Kharkiv.
Lviv’s Lyamon  Macintosh in action

Slam city as Lviv hoop heroes dunk past Simferopol

Issue 22, March 2010.
Ukraine was once one of the powerhouses of East European basketball, and there are signs that the domestic league is finally finding its feet after years in the post-Soviet doldrums.
Olympic champion Yana Klochkova  and silver medallist Denis Silantiev

The hunt for Olympic swimming talent

Issue 22, March 2010.
Multiple Olympic champion Yana Klochkova and silver medallist Denis Silantiev held a Lviv swimming master-class in February as part of their nationwide search to promote aquatic sports and uncover the next generation of underwater Olympic champs.

Paralympic hopefuls preparing for Vancouver

Issue 21, February 2010.
Ukraine’s paralympic team has experienced a major boost in the amount of training and support it receives in recent years as part of a largely unheralded but worthy effort to give the country’s physically disadvantaged athletes every possible advantage on the world stage. The results have been emphatic – since finishing in 21st place in the medal table at the Sydney Paralympics in 2000, Ukraine has rocketed up to sixth and then fourth place at successive Games. Meanwhile, in the Winter Olympics progress has been even more extraordinary – from finishing 18th in Salt Lake City in 2002, Ukraine rose to 3rd (2nd in terms of actual number of medals won) in Turin in 2006.