Lviv Sports


Issue 69, June 2014.
Be informed about the Danone Nations Cup held at Arena Lviv, traditional ‘Martial Arts Against Juvenile Delinquency & Drug Abuse’ Festival-Tournament dedicated to International Children’s Day and annual Girl’s Velo parade.


Issue 68, May 2014.
Follow up the latest results for FC “Karpaty, get update on Lviv’s women’s handball team Halychyna-Lviv successes, learn more about 10th European Nations Cup (ENC) Division 1B rugby championship, Bodybuilding: Ukraine Cup in Lviv alongside with more sport news.

March-April sport digest

Issue 67, April 2014.
Follow up the latest results for FC “Karpaty, Karpaty Alumni Match Played to Honour an “Indivisible Ukraine”, get update on Lviv’s BC “Polytekhnika-Halychyna” results of the season and admire Olympic finalist Andriy Kotelnik’s ‘AK Box Promotion’ youth boxing school progress.

Ukrainian Paralympians Excel Despite Turmoil at Home

Issue 66, March 2014.
Amid the backdrop of the host nation invading its territory before the 2014 Winter Paralympics even began, Ukrainian paralympians turned in a fine set of performances. When the Ukrainian Paralympic Committee decided against boycotting the competition, the athletes found small ways to voice their displeasure with events back home.


Issue 66, March 2014.
Finally, the turmoil across Ukraine has called into question whether Ukraine will be ready to host the EuroBasket Championship in 2015; a tournament of which Lviv is set to be a host city. Construction delays have been noted all over the country, while there are obvious security risks in both Kyiv and Odessa. “FIBA Europe fully understands the problems and issues that the organisers are currently facing because of the political instability in the country,” the governing body said in a press release. “FIBA Europe will continue to stay in close contact with them as well as continue to monitor the situation independently. ”As not a single one of the six venues is yet to be completed, there is a very real risk of the tournament being moved to another location. This would be a big blow to the future of Ukrainian basketball, just at the time when the Ukrainian National basketball team is set to participate in its first-ever World Basketball Championships this summer in Spain.


Issue 66, March 2014.
From the time former world bronze medallist cross-country skier Valentina Shevchenko, competing in her fourth Olympics, walked into Fisht Stadium in Sochi during the Opening Ceremonies with the Ukrainian flag to the rapturous welcome from the Russian fans, one could tell that the 22nd Olympic Winter Games would turn out to be something special for Ukraine. Led by our world class women’s biathlon team, the Ukrainian Olympic Committee had high hopes to end a 20-year gold medal drought and to put up a good showing in advance of the IOC’s decision to shortlist the 2022 Olympic bid cities (including Lviv) this summer. By the end of the spectacle, the Olympic Games in Sochi turned out to be memorable for the Ukrainian athletes … and not just because of the results in the events.

February-March sport digest

Issue 66, March 2014.
Be informed about results of Lviv’s “Halychanka” at Women’s Handball Challenge Cup and local basketball squad Politekhnika-Halychyna at Ukraine’s Super League. Find more about results of local athletes at Ukraine’s Winter Cycling Championships and Lviv’s “Energy” futsal team.

January-February sport digest

Issue 65, February 2014.
Be informed about results of Lviv’s “Halychanka” at Ukrainian Women’s Handball Super League championship and Lviv’s local basketball squad Politekhnika-Halychyna at Ukrainian SuperLeague. Be proud to know that the Ukrainian National Basketball Team is qualified for their first ever FIBA Basketball World Cup into Group C at the tournament along with top-ranked USA, Turkey (7th), New Zealand (19th), Dominican Republic (26th), and Finland (39th).

Sochi Olympic Winter Games Viewing Guide: What to Watch & Where to Find Ukraine

Issue 65, February 2014.
The XXII Olympic Winter Games are set to kick off in February and Ukraine is sending 43 of our finest athletes to Sochi, Russia to compete in 9 of the 15 events. As this 2022 Olympic bid region’s leading English-language lifestyle magazine, Lviv Today looks at Ukraine’s best medal hopes in our Sochi 2014 Olympic Viewing Guide. Events can be seen on Pershyi Natsionalnyi (First National) channel. All viewing times are local (Ukrainian).

November-December Sport Digest

Issue 63, December 2013.
Find out about local FC “Karpaty” results of their pre-winter schedule and Lviv’s BC Politekhnika-Halychyna ups and downs.