Fund-raising Marathon Boost for Maternity Hospitals

  • US Ambassador to  Ukraine William Taylor
  • Ambassador Taylor accompanied city  authorities to Lviv maternity hospitals
  • Fund-raising Marathon Boost for Maternity Hospitals
  • Marathon participants  celebrate their fundraising success
  • Fund-raising Marathon Boost for Maternity Hospitals
  • New equipment for Lviv’s City  Maternity Hospital No. 3 is already in use
Issue 12, April 2009.

On March 19 American Ambassador William Taylor was in Lviv to show his support for a charity initiative which has enabled different regions of Ukraine to come together and provide better medical facilities for the nation’s new-born babies. Ambassador Taylor visited a number of Lviv maternity hospitals to have benefitted from new equipment paid for with funds raised at a charity marathon entitled, “Running for the sake of children.” “It is very important that Ukrainians are helping each other and this project succeeded in bringing together people from the eastern and western regions of the country, namely Lviv and Luhansk. Ukraine’s future is bright because the current generation is clearly thinking about the generations to come,” commented the US Ambassador, who personally took part in the marathon, which was also supported by the US State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Academic Programs. Thanks to these fund-raising efforts, prematurely born Lviv babies will now have a far better chance of surviving and growing into healthy kids.