Rotary Club Unites in Lviv

  • Rotary Club Unites in Lviv
Issue 2, June 2008.

On May 16 -18 Lviv held a Rotary Club Conference which welcomed more than 300 Rotary Club members from around the world. Guests came from the USA, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Belarus as well as from all over Ukraine.
At the beginning of the conference was an official celebration of 10 years of the Lviv Leopolis Rotary Club, which is one of four clubs based in Lviv. Founded in 1905 Rotary International is one of the oldest international organisations in the world and is famed for its charitable activities. There are over 33,000 rotary clubs in 165 countries. The first Rotary Club in Ukraine was founded in Uzhgorod in 1929. In Kyiv the first Rotary Club opened in 1992.