Ivano-Frankivsk Ethno-Diva Rocks Lviv

  • Sexy ethno diva  Lama rocks Lviv
  • Ivano-Frankivsk   Ethno-Diva Rocks Lviv
  • Fans flocked to Lviv’s  Robert Doms for Lama
Issue 9, January 2009.

Sensational Ivano-Frankovsk singer Natalya  Dzenkiv is now better known by her stage name  of Lama and she has a major following among the  ethno-funk faithful of Lviv. This was demonstrated  yet again in December when Lama played to a  packed house in Lviv’s Robert Doms cavernous  basement beer and live music emporium. Lama  has emerged from the sentimentality of 1990s  UkrPop as a credible contender for the crown  of queen of the vibrant Ukrainian ethno scene,  making her a big favourite in Lviv, which is the  unofficial capital of the modern renaissance of  folk-inspired Ukrainian ethno-rock.