Starting a New Lviv Christmas Tradition

  • Olga Pylnik with her Angel
  • Victoria Protsiv
  • Green Sofa  gallery owner Mrs. Olesya Domaradzka
  • Inna Ivasuk presenting hand made Magodz dolls
Issue 9, January 2009.

One of Lviv’s most cherished  art galleries, Green Sofa, launched  a new tradition in December  2008 of Christmas exhibitions.  The exhibition, which features  the works of a wide range of Lviv  artists in a variety of mediums,  opened on December 16 and  helped create a sense of seasonal  cheer amid a depressing climate  of economic uncertainty. Featured  artists included Volodymyr Patyk,  Mykhaylo Demtsu, Petro Sypnyak,  Igor Romanko, Petro Smetana and  Ostap Patyk.