Ready For Take Off!

  • Ready For Take Off!
Issue 44, March 2012.

Ukraine has always been a vitally important player on the world stage due to its strategic location and commercial potential. Sitting conveniently between the European Union and Eurasia, it is blessed with an envious geographical position that has for many years remained largely under exploited especially in terms of its tourism industry. That however, is all about to change dramatically with the opening of the new Lviv International Airport, in time for the European 2012 Football Championships. As Lviv is one of four Ukrainian cities to host the championship, it was required that Lviv’s airport should be modernised in preparation for the massive increase in visitors to the city. Additionally, the airport will serve as a main gateway hub for visitors travelling onwards to other parts of Ukraine via road or rail.

Tourism Bonanza for Western Ukraine

There are currently no large international airports within a 400km radius of Lviv which has a catchment area with approximately 5 million people living in the region. This means that the new airport will facilitate international travel for huge numbers of travellers both foreign and domestic, from right across Western Ukraine.
With an expanded runway capacity and a terminal building capable of processing 2,000 passengers per hour, Lviv will be transformed from a previously relatively undiscovered destination, to a vitally important and major player in the rapidly expanding Ukrainian tourism market. Local businesses and traders are eagerly awaiting and have been busy preparing, for the new influx or tourists who will arrive for Euro 2012. New bars, restaurants and businesses have been springing up in and around the city as it prepares for a post independence renaissance of renewed Ukrainian optimism and national pride. The sleeping lion of Leopolis which has been in hibernation for many years, is preparing to roar once again. Its voice will reverberate not just right across Europe, but to all four corners of the globe because Euro 2012 is not simply a sporting event confined to the boundaries of Europe,it is a truly international event that will be watched by an enormous international audience worldwide. Lviv is sure to steal the hearts of those who are lucky enough to visit the city, but the popular Carpathian mountain region is also easily accessible from Lviv and it is expected that the area will also see a marked increase in visitors as a result of the airport. Then of course there are other places worth visiting such as Ivano Frankivsk, Kamyanets Podilski and the historical town of Lutsk to name but a few, all of which are within easy reach of Lviv. With a veritable wealth of history, architectural treasures and numerous tourist attractions in the city and throughout the wider region, Lviv deserves to have a European standard international airport comparable to those in other parts of Central Europe such as Krakow and Budapest.

A time for change

Currently Ukraine has 24 international airports within its total civilian airport network of 30. Lviv International Airport is situated 6 km from the historical centre of the city. Previously known as Sknyliv, the airport provides easy access to European countries. Lviv airport was originally built during 1923-28 when the city was being developed as an aviation hub. The airport introduced new aircraft for logistics during 1946-59. The airport building was constructed in 1950, and from 1996, the airport became the major air cargo hub for western Ukraine. Ownership of Lviv airport's was transferred to the state in 2007 and is operated by the Ukrainian Minister of Transport.

Grand designs

The modern high tech design for the terminal was developed by the company Tebodin Ukraine with the help of the NACO company (Netherland Airport Consultants), which has developed more than 600 projects for airports around the world. The new terminal of Lviv International Airport meets international architectural, construction and technical standards and requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and recommendations of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Expansion is the key

The airport building itself will consist of two areas of various sizes: the main passenger and technological area and the communications and assistance gallery. The waiting rooms, check-in areas and baggage handling areas are situated in the central part of the building on the first floor, while customs control, border control and aviation safety control are housed on the second and third floors. The technical and reserve areas will be housed in the gallery, as will be service offices. The commercial part of this section in the terminal occupies 1,083 square metres (commerce and food courts), and airline offices occupy 627 square metres. A total of 29 lanes for passenger check-in, 18 lanes for passport control and 9 control points for aviation security are envisaged. The flight information system displayed on screens is FIDS and the equipment systems are those of BMS, ODB, CUTE and BHS. The renovated airport aims to serve class А, В, С and D (like the Boeing-767) aircraft.
A four-storey garage with 400 parking places is also envisaged, and also open parking for 900 places, of which 150 are for company cars, as well as access roads for public and private transport. Work is going ahead today at an accelerated pace and the metal roof construction is being assembled. Works to arrange the cover and the external systems of the main part of the building will be completed by the middle of November.
The current reconstruction however will be only constitute the first stage of the airport’s modernization. The second stage,to be completed by 2020, envisages the expansion of the terminal building and the installation of additional equipment which will increase the passenger handling capacity to 2,000 passengers per hour. An international hub on the basis of Lviv Airport could be created in the future, which would meet the the standards of Boryspil Airport.

To date Lviv International airport has signed cooperation contracts with 17 companies,11 of which already offer flights: International Airlines of Ukraine International (AUI) (Lviv-Boryspil; Lviv-Madrid), “Dniproavia” (UDN) (Lviv – Boryspil); UTAir (UTA) (Lviv –Moscow); Lufthansa airlines (DLH) (Lviv – Munich);  LOT airlines (LOT) (Lviv –Warsaw), Czech airlines (CSA) (Lviv –Prague); Carpatair (KRP) (Lviv –Timisoara); Turkish Airlines (THY) (Lviv – Istanbul); Austrian airlines (AUA) –(Lviv –Vienna); Aerosvit» (AEW) (Lviv –Napoli); Skywings (GSW) (Lviv – Athens). Starting from March 25, another 5 airlines will start a cooperation with Lviv International airport – UTAir Ukraine (UTN) (Lviv – Kiev), Wizz air (WAU) (Lviv – Dortmund, Lviv -Venice; Astra Airlines (AZI) (Lviv –Thessaloniki); Azerbaijan Airlines (AHY) (Lviv –Baku); Windrose (WRC) (Lviv –Antalya).

A Name To Be Proud Of

On November 09, 2011 Lviv International Airport received its official name in honour of the founder of the city, King Danylo Halytskyi. The number of users that took part in the poll which was conducted via the Facebook network over a five day period was 12,258. The proposal to name the airport in honour of the founder of the city, King Danylo Halytskyi, won by a significant margin (3,283 votes). The name in honour of Stepan Bandera (2,197) votes gained second position. The name Lviv Airport (1,554 votes) gained third position.
The Ukrainian vice prime minister and Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov is convinced that the proposal to name Lviv airport after the founder of the city of Lviv, King Danylo Halytskyi, is appropriate. “I think this is in keeping and in the spirit of the way airports around the world are named,” Borys Kolesnikov noted. Besides this, the vice prime minister has expressed his belief that this name is 'unifying'.

The Crowning Event

On February. 01, 2012 the new logo of the newly renovated International King Danylo Halytskyi Airport was unveiled. The emblem of Lviv International Airport is based on silhouettes of planes, which together form a crown. The creator of the logo is Lviv designer Victor Feduk, who won in the relevant competition held from 5 to 31 December 2011.

Final Preparations

Starting from 20 December and until mid-March, the operational team of the Lviv airport is training personnel to work in the terminal. The construction of the terminal's first stage was finished and is now undergoing operational trials. The Official opening of Lviv International King Danylo Halytskyi Airport is scheduled for the 25th March 2012.

Address: 79040, Lviv, St.Liubinska, 168.

Airport information office: (+38) 032 229-8112

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