Issue 44, March 2012.

1. How would you describe Ukraine to friends elsewhere in Europe?
As for Ukraine, up to now I’ve only visited Kiev, a wonderful city. It’s always a pleasure to return to Ukraine. From March 20 I’ll be on tour in many Ukrainian cities. After this experience I’ll be able to say more about my impressions, but I’m sure they will be positive, because Ukraine is a country full of history, charm and culture.

2. When you were invited by the “X-factor” TV-show to go to Kiev, what influenced your decision to agree? Please, share with us what were your impressions of the show.
I remember that I was in Moscow for a concert when I received this proposal and I accepted it immediately. X-Factor is a very popular format. We have this show in Italy too, it has the unique purpose of identifying young talent. That’s what I like a lot, so I decided to participate.

3. In your opinion, what is the secret to the continuing tremendous popularity of so called, ”Pop\Rock”-opera” music style?
I don’t know if there’s a secret. I think it’s simply a musical genre that has its audience and does its work well. Subsequently, that there are artists who know how to promote this music style.

4. Earlier in your music career you have performed Russian operas, have you ever been interested in Ukrainian opera compositions?
Yes, I have performed some roles in Russian, such as Lensky in Eugene Onegin. Up until now I have not sung any music by Ukrainian composers, but I don’t exclude the possibility that I may in the future.

5. Your concerts are often referred to as enchanting, does the city where you perform provide inspiration?
I don’t know if people refer to my concerts as enchanting. I always try to do my best and even improve myself. But the inspiration is linked to my state of mind and perhaps also the venue where I perform plays a role.

6. In Your opinion, will the Lviv audience differ from any other audience? And if yes, in what way?
I don’t know, neither can I predict. I hope to perform a good concert and feel the audience’s appreciation and the joy of spending a nice evening together.

7. What pleasant surprises do you have prepared for Lviv fans, who will come to your concert? Are “Luna”, “Incanto”, “Aria E memoria” on the list?
I can’t anticipate any surprises, but certainly my hit songs and beautiful classic Italian and Neapolitan songs will be part of the program.

8. Please, tell our readers about your future plans – when can your fans expect new songs, videos, concerts?
Currently I’m finishing my new album, which will contain new songs which I hope will be very successful and much appreciated by the public. I hope it will be released next autumn.

Interview by Mila Hadzieva