EBA Personality: Elena Moroz CEO, INTERSONO Medical centre

  • EBA Personality: Elena Moroz  CEO, INTERSONO Medical centre
Issue 39, October 2011.

How do you assess Lviv region’s business sector development so far this year? What are your business development predictions for 2012?
Generally speaking Lviv region companies are moving forwards but very slowly. This reflects the general trend for Ukrainian economic development. Nowadays the continuous threat of a new wave of crisis means any predictions are far from 100% guaranteed, even though my prognosis is rather negative.

How do you envisage medium term development of investment in Western Ukraine?
Unfortunately investment outflow continues as political in-fighting deters investors, and gives them less confidence in Ukraine’s future growth.

In your opinion what role should Western Ukraine play within the broader Ukrainian economy?
Western Ukraine can ensure development of services (universities, leisure as well as IT and HoReCa) balancing highly industrialized Eastern Ukraine and the agricultural South. Being very rich in traditions and knowledge, Western Ukraine is perfect as a cultural centre, developing great International connections, managing industrial plants and factories.

Which business sectors present the most interesting investment opportunities in today’s West Ukrainian market?
IT-companies, medical sector and business services.

What 5 steps would you advocate to the authorities to improve Western Ukraine’s business climate?
My attitude to business is strongly influenced by my inner values. Some of them were learned from my parents and grandparents, others were acquired later during education and collaboration with colleagues. Therefore I believe that everything you do is based on your own personal values. It would be nice if all Ukrainian authorities could share the same values and agree on what we really expect from Ukraine, and whether we really want this great state to prosper. If they could answer ‘yes’, then simply let people work and create, lower taxes to speed up the economy, support middle-sized business, use a winwin strategy and enjoy the results.

What are the key-obstacles facing companies seeking to succeed in Western Ukraine?
Routine bureaucracy and Ukrainian government strategic goals are in opposition to investors’ aims – we move nin different directions like the swan, pike and crab in the famous fable.

Will Ukraine in general and Lviv in particular be ready in time to host a successful Euro 2012 tournament?
From my own observations the airport, stadium and downtown will be definitely ready for Euro 2012. Parts of the city that are not in the Euro 2012’s interest will remain the same as they are now.

What are the biggest benefits of EBA Membership for your company?
EBA Membership gives access to innovations, European community and culture, as well as to high standards of safety, quality and ecology. I must reiterate that the sharing of values is crucial whatever you are doing in life – creating, working, resting. EBA provides open and honest relationships, endless improvement and mutual support.

What is your biggest business success story to date?
Opening our new 2,700 sq.m Intersono medical centre and increasing the range of services and high standards offered to our patients. Then as a result, seeing thousands of smiling successful patients.

What are your personal recommendations for anyone who wants to be successful in business?
Take care of those around you. Trust yourself and be honest with yourself. Never stop. Ask as many questions as you can and even more. Enjoy life.