Exploring Lviv

Ukrainian Dream of Da Vinci

Issue 55, March 2013.
With its spacious central square, streets decorated with Italian arches, sizeable churches and a dominant palazzo, the little town of Zhovkva – with 13,000 inhabitants – is as close as one will get in Ukraine to seeing what da Vinci dreamed of as his “ideal city.”

Pochayiv (Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra)

Issue 54, February 2013.
Pochayiv, is a cozy little town, which would probably have remained off any tourists’ radar, if it were not for its main sightseeing attraction – the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, one of the three most beautiful Orthodox monasteries of Eastern Europe. It stands on a rocky hill, over 75 meters above the town, gazing down on city dwellers and their daily pastimes. While tourists come to see the architecture and to experience the unusual energy of this land, true believers come here because of the Lavra’s reputation for making miracles happen.

Romance in Lviv

Issue 53, January 2013.
If the last several years have taught us anything, it's that the world is in constant flux - regimes topple, borders are redrawn, whole countries are born anew. While the fighters are remaking their world, the lovers are evidently stuck in the 1800s. Ask any European what the world's most romantic cities are and they'll likely reply in kneejerk fashion, "Paris... Venice...Rome..." while for Ukrainians it’s definitely “Lviv”.

Global cultural heritage - the elegant neo-Gothic church of Saints Olha and Elizabeth

Issue 50, October 2012.
The elegant neo-Gothic Church of St. Elizabeth that pierces the sky with its sharp spires is the first to welcome guests of the city who arrive at the train station. It is one of Lviv’s most admirable and fascinating monuments and is truly considered one of the city’s most spectacular landmarks for over a century.

Global Cultural heritage -The Museum of Johann George Pinzel

Issue 49, September 2012.
This small museum won’t take more than half an hour of your time, unless you end up being carried away by the captivating exhibitions. It is definitely worth visiting when you’re in Lviv due to several reasons! Firstly, the museum’s unique location –it is located within an architectural monument - the former Church of Poor Clares, designed by Paolo the Roman, which was built in 1605-1607. The frescoes of the cathedral were created in 1670.

Summer Fun: Rides at the Children's Railway

Issue 48, July 2012.
Very many people, having heard the words "Children's Railway", immediately imagine a toy-railway with tiny locos and wagons, which they used to play with together with the daddy or elder brother. The railway which had been assembled on the floor in the room and on which the train had endlessly been travelling in a circle till the strict mum sent you to bed. Pleasant memories…


Issue 43, February 2012.
Okay men: March 8th, International Women's Day is steadfastly approaching and it is a great occasion to let all of your beloved women know that you celebrate and acknowledge their importance in your lives.

Lviv – A City of Irresistible Charm

Issue 42, January 2012.
Leopolitans love their city, and are very proud and knowledgeable about its history and its place in modern Ukraine. However, many times I am asked the same question: “Why would you want to come and live in Lviv?”.
Most Memorable Event - Arena Lviv Opening Ceremony

Lviv Lion Awards 2011

Issue 41, December 2011.
As another action-packed year in Ukraine’s cultural capital draws to a close, we present you with our annual awards for the people, places and events which have helped make the past twelve months in Lviv memorable. Wishing all Leopolitans a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Lviv – the Coffee Mecca of Ukraine

Issue 38, September 2011.
Coffee is massive in Lviv. Right now there are nearly 700 coffee houses. In Lviv , they are known as ‘kavyarnya’ or "knajpa’ (their name from Austro-Hungarian times) ‘kawa’, a direct translation or even the tender ‘kawusya’. Talk of instant coffee is prohibited.