Touring Lviv’s Iconic Sights with Pro Lviv!

  • Touring Lviv’s Iconic Sights with Pro Lviv!
  • Touring Lviv’s Iconic Sights with Pro Lviv!
Issue 82, September 2015.

Touring Lviv’s Iconic Sights with Pro Lviv!

Lviv has always been known for its extraordinary people – from doctors and merchants to kings and soldiers. The beauty of the city has always drawn remarkable artists, poets, and writers – such as the one we’d like to tell you about today – the great Leopolitan and Queen of Aphorisms – Ms. Iryna Wilde.

It is known that “brevity is the ******of wit”. It’s true – concise, yet witty aphorisms have a way to, like a flash of lightning, strike the spark and ignite the human imagination to new ideas. They have one advantage over the novel – they are always read until the end.

Ukrainian writer Iryna Wilde, who lived and worked in Lviv for many years, wrote many of these little psychological sketches and notes. Her first “Thumbnails” was published in 1936. As time moved on, she managed to compile over 500 of these comic “charcoal portraits” of landscape sketches and short tales into a little book of aphorisms.  The author chose all kinds of philosophical sequins that transmit precise sharpness of thought. Scattered like pearls on a canvas of stories and novels, they remain a great volume of literary masterpieces. Here are a few examples of her genius:

·         To access immortality, the human must first pass two exams: first – to contemporaries; and second – to history.

·         A healthy person needs a thousand things. A sick person, only health.

·         History is created by people. I agree, but the best flour never becomes the bread itself.

·         The most difficult exam to pass is to encounter maturity with dignity.

·         Morality is like medicine – in moderation it helps, but in excessive doses it can lead to poisoning.

·         To swear eternal love is not honesty, because we can never pledge things that do not depend on us.

·         Oh, what is the nature of those women! They love to please even those that they do not like.

·         The right word is like a spoon for dinner.

·         The philosophical question – what hurts people more: lack of free time or excess of it?

·         We must be careful when complementing an older woman to not turn a gift into a charity.

·         Oh, if we could only benefit from the advice that we give to others.

·         A curse is the despair of the weaker.

·         Older people live with memories. And what do those who have no stocks for the winter of life do? Go begging.

·         The friendship between nations, like love among people for prosperity, requires reciprocity.

·         Interestingly, the process of aging in invisible even to the trained eye, and its consequences are visible even for the blind one.

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