History of a Lviv Street

  • History of a Lviv Street
  • History of a Lviv Street
Issue 26, July 2010.

Exhibitions at Lviv’s Center for Urban History of East Central Europe generally focus on the history of cities and their inhabitants, as refected in social and everyday life, culture, and art. The new double exhibition “Bohomoltsia Street” and “Doors Open” is a fresh example of this approach. “Doors Open” displays ways of life in several European countries, while “Bohomoltsia Street” is dedicated to the history of one of Lviv’s historic streets — which now also is the location of the Center for Urban History.
Built at the beginning of the twentieth century over a 4-year period, Bohomoltsia Street represents Lviv’s fantastic Art Nouveau architecture at its best. Featuring the street’s rich history through many previously unknown materials as well as snapshots of its present, the exhibition also provides a space for residents and Lviv citizens to think and talk about ways to improve life on Bohomoltsia Street. The exhibition highlights the close ties between people, houses and culture, underlin-
ing that the city’s current identity is enriched not only by its architecture, art and
monuments, but also by remembering the diverse and fascinating lives of its past
While the Center for Urban History is a historical research institution, it also strives
to be an active part of the contemporary public life of its home city. Its new exhibi-
tion on Bohomoltsia Street is also a sign of gratitude to a city and a street whose
inhabitants have welcomed the Center in their midst.
For more information, please contact Bohdan Shumylovych on
(8032) 275-17-34 or b.shumylovych@lvivcenter.org

6, Bohomoltsia St. Lviv 79005
Open from 11.00—17.30
Exhibition available in English and German


On 29 August Lviv’s Center for Urban History will celebrate Bohomoltsia Street with Lviv’s first neighborhood street festival, featuring music and life entertainment.