Exploring Lviv

8 Ways to Celebrate the 8th of March

Issue 131, February 2020.
Having trouble coming up with ideas of how to spoil your special lady this International Women’s Day? No worries! Lviv Today has you covered this month with 8 spectacular ideas to treat your lady right!

Lviv’s Top 20 of 2020

Issue 130, January 2020.
Lviv Today has your guide to the Top 20 things to do in the Western Ukrainian capital in 2020. Whether you’re into fashion, sports, culture, history, or food and drink, Lviv will show you why it’s called the ‘Soul of Ukraine’ and Lviv Today is your guide to what’s going on!

You Inspire. You Excite. You Attract

Issue 127, October 2019.
FOLTOVYCH is a fashion brand created by lauded Ukrainian designer Oksana Foltovych 10 years ago. While studying law, Oksana fell in love with business / office wear, which inspired her to create her own brand specialising in formal dress style.

Celebrating Easter in Ukraine – Paska & Pysanka, Not Chocolate & Rabbits

Issue 122, April 2019.
Sunny and warm spring is always a great time to visit Lviv. Best of all – it’s Eastertime! Have you ever wondered how Leopolitans celebrate Easter? One of the most important holidays in Ukraine, Easter marks the end of the Great Fast and celebrates the rebirth of Christ. The date changes each year, but it usually falls a week after Catholic Easter. This year Easter is on 28 April, so you have a great chance to combine your travel with a wonderful cultural experience.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over One of Ukraine’s Most Magical Cities

Issue 111, April 2018.
Kamyanets-Podilsky is known as Ukraine’s ‘Pearl-on-the-Stone’ thanks to its postcard-worthy 12th Century fortress on the banks of the Smotrych River canyon. A national monument since 1928, the river forms a natural moat, ensuring that the fortress wouldn’t look out of place on a Game of Thrones set. The nearby Old Town boasts of 170 historical monuments, a tribute to its thousand-year heritage as a crossroads of medieval trade routes. Different cultures and peoples have brought their own traditions and architecture to one of Ukraine’s oldest cities, and you can still find Polish, Ukrainian, and Armenian markets.

Ukraine’s Forgotten Icon of Impressionism

Issue 107, December 2017.
Kharkiv artist Mykhailo Tkachenko was whitewashed by the Bolsheviks but is finally being rediscovered

Big Plate a Big Part of Lviv’s Culinary Landscape

Issue 105, October 2017.
Each year thousands of tourists from around the globe come to Lviv to indulge in the city’s ancient spirit, relax and, of course, visit our many local restaurants to experience our culinary tradition. What you might not know is that Lviv has a long history as some venues were hospitably welcoming guests hundreds of years ago!

FlixBus in Ukraine!

Issue 104, September 2017.
Europe’s popular FlixBus extended its network to Ukraine in July with routes from Kyiv, Rivne, Zhytomyr, and Lviv to destinations in Poland and the Czech Republic. The long distance bus operator connects cities and towns throughout Europe for excellent prices. Since launching its first route in Germany in 2013, FlixBus has become a leading operator in Europe with its extensive route network and innovative ticketing system. The company’s green busses comply with the highest safety and environmental standards, so travelers get a sustainable and convenient alternative to private transport.

The One-of-a-Kind Dniester River Cruise

Issue 102, June 2017.
Ukrainian culture is filled with rich traditions and a variety of noteworthy landmarks that attract travelers from all over the globe. The picturesque Dniester Canyon, stretching across three Western Ukrainian regions, is rightly called one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine. At 250 km long, the landmark is one of the longest ravines in Europe. The Dniester Canyon impresses not only with its immensity, but also with breathtaking natural landscapes that include rocky cliffs, caves and grottoes covered by green forests, peculiar islands, and fascinating waterfalls.

Western Ukraine is an Ecotourism Gem

Issue 102, June 2017.
Tired of the big city and bored of trying to get through the rushing crowds? Then it’s time for you to flee the asphalt jungle and take a breath of fresh air in nature’s solitude. Plunge into the crystal clear waters, discover the jewels of untouched nature, and behold the beauty of a forgotten world of traditions and a slow pace of life. Feel reborn before heading back into the urban scene. Tourism streams like ‘ecotourism’, ‘rural tourism’, ‘green tourism’, and ‘agro tourism’ are relatively new in Ukraine, but they are already marvellously established. So why not look at relaxing your body and soul in the countryside on your next vacation?