Chef’s secrets

КуркаGO – апетить до Львова вже летить!

Issue 132, March 2020.
КУРКАGO відкриють на Сихові вже цієї п'ятниці! У зв’язку із карантинними обмеженнями, доставка їжі стала не просто альтернативою відвідуванню закладів, а й невід’ємною частиною сучасного життя.

Beirut Hall 1943 – Lviv’s Oriental pearl

Issue 132, March 2020.
Walking through the cozy streets of the old town, be sure to visit restaurant Beirut Hall 1943, located on 4 Staroevreiska St. Once you enter this charming venue, you’ll plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of the East - ornamental lamps, oriental patterns, soft lighting, pleasant and relaxing music.

Pizza: A Short History of the World’s Most Popular Food

Issue 132, March 2020.
Just hearing the word ‘pizza’ brings a smile to the face of just about every Ukrainian. Whatever style or variety – from thick, deep-dish pizza stuffed with gobs of cheese, sausage, and pepperoni to a thin-as-a-cracker crust topped with veggies – pizza invariably makes it to the top of nearly everyone’s ‘favourite foods’ lists. We’ve compiled a list of fun and interesting facts about this paragon of global food. See how many you already knew!

Döner Kebab – The Old Food That’s Trendy Again

Issue 131, February 2020.
The ‘kebab’ is one of history’s finest inventions and it’s come back into style as one of the world’s trendiest culinary creations.

Autumn’s most exciting gastro events in Lviv

Issue 126, September 2019.
With traditions from around the region combined with the bounty of farms, orchards and vineyards, Lviv offers food journeys like nowhere else. All year long, celebrated restaurants, culinary tours, farm markets, bakeries, wineries and craft breweries serve up whatever your heart (or palate) desires! Exciting open air fests are held in picturesque parks of the city, and it’s where you can sample a variety of culinary delights for a fraction of the cost. And this autumn there also will be something to please every taste and budget in Lviv!

‘Park. Art of Rest’ – Home of Life’s Best Moments!

Issue 124, June 2019.
Located in a picturesque leisure area, ‘Park. Art of Rest’ takes the modern Ukrainian and European kitchen to a whole new level. A luxurious, but relaxed setting, the venue is open year-round for lunch, dinner, business meetings, and private events. It’s a gathering place that invites guests to enjoy themselves and create dining experiences that they’ll never forget. The venue’s hospitable staff is always ready to make your visit as comfortable as possible – the service will be excellent, while the food will be creative and delicious. You’ll feel like a celebrity in a modern world of pure elegancy. Don’t take our word for it – last year the Royal Lancaster London named ‘Park. Art of Rest’ as the Best Leisure Interior at the European Property Awards for the venue’s location, interior, and services.

Gopak Restaurant Welcomes You

Issue 119, January 2019.
Looking for sumptuous, traditional Old Galician, Hutsul, or Caucasian cuisine? Then Lviv’s delicious Gopak Restaurant welcomes you! At venue’s first floor you’ll be greeted by the dazzling national-themed interior that’s highlighted by a Petrykivka decorative painting and an ethnic hall with an authentic Galician oven.

Make Your Day Sweeter with SHOco

Issue 118, December 2018.
SHOco is not just your run-of-the-mill confectionary-bakery, it is a special place at the heart of many sweet stories. A place where the aroma of freshly-baked baguettes sends you to the cozy streets of Paris, where your favourite songs are playing in the background, the waitresses are greeting you with sincere smiles, and the very first sip of morning coffee is making all your troubles go away. SHOco makes everyone feel comfortable while meeting friends, romancing your partner, or working hard alongside your trusty laptop. With two venues in the Western Ukrainian capital – at 3 Kurbas St. and 44 Sakharov St. – you’re sure to find one to your convenience.

Chef’s specialty: Galician style crayfish

Issue 117, November 2018.
How well do you know Ukrainian goods? I will tell you a secret of how to cook 100% local product, about existance of which you had no idea. Put all your errands aside, grab culinary utensils and lets cook Galician style crayfish dish.

Taste the Ukrainian Carpathians Discover 2018’s Top Culinary Novelties!

Issue 113, June 2018.
Are you one of those people who while traveling likes to visit venues offering local foods or local craft fairs? Are you one who always looks out for tasty novelties? Do you consider degustation as more than just a process, but a tradition unto itself? Then there is good news for you!