Upcoming Lviv

Bright, bright arts that sparkle at night

Issue 13, May 2009.
Lviv’s arts culture stretches back into the Middle Ages, but it is not trapped in the framework of its historical context and continues to be a dynamic and experimental sphere which constantly stretches itself and explores new genres and areas.

Extreme sports spring in the capital of West Ukraine

Issue 13, May 2009.
Lemberg extreme fest, May 21-23, across the city Lviv may be known as a focus of classical music and historic architecture, but the city is also a regional haven for fans of extreme sports of all persuasions.

Picasso nightclub 12th birthday party, June 13

Issue 13, May 2009.
Since the late 1990s Picasso nightclub has been one of the hottest places in Lviv to be seen once the sun goes down, and the venue’s annual birthday party is traditionally a time when fans of the club gather to pay tribute to the Picasso team.

A month of world-class organ music classics

Issue 13, May 2009.
For centuries Lviv has been famed as a regional capital of classical music, and few venues can offer the kind of world-class acoustics as the city’s Orange and Chamber Music Hall, so it is perhaps unsurprising that this monument to the art of organ music should have become the venue in recent years to what is one of the world’s best festivals of organ music

Second International Wiz Art Festival of Visual Arts, May, 23-25, Lviv Art Palace

Issue 13, May 2009.
Lviv first hosted the Wiz Art International Festival of Visual Art on November 20-22, 2008, and the event was such a success that just half a year later, the organisers are back for more! The November 2008 debut featured premieres of over 50 visual works of art in a variety of genres including video shorts, videoclips, videopoetry and experimentals, all of which were created by film makers from more than 20 countries of the world.

A feast of international classical music this May!

Issue 13, May 2009.
Fans of classical music will be in for a mouth-watering treat this May with the 28thannual Virtuosi festival, which brings together classical music practitioners from all over the world and turns Lviv into a regional capital of musical excellence for half a month.

Swiss contribution to the magic of Hollywood!

Issue 13, May 2009.
Exhibition dedicated to Swiss design in Hollywood, June 2-16, Lviv Art Palace, 17 Kopernika Street

Students host conceptual art day

Issue 13, May 2009.
Liniya Vtechi Arts Day, Old Lviv Tram Depot (located at the intersection of Vitovskoho and Sakharova streets), May 16 Young conceptual artists are becoming one of the largest subgroups among Lviv youth, with the genre literally exploding as the city finds its feet among its European contemporaries and regains its creative courage after decades of communist-enforced monotony and years in the post-Soviet doldrums.

Double date with Dynamo Kyiv

Issue 13, May 2009.
Karpaty Lviv vs Dynamo Kyiv, May 16, 15.00, Stadium Ukraina F.C. Lviv vs Kyiv, May 23, 14.00, Stadium Ukraina

Europe unites as fans gather in Lviv

Issue 14, June 2009.
Eurofan festival, June 25-28 This year in tournament will be 16 teams of participants in total, among which are Zenit (Russia), Liverpool (England), Rangers (Scotland), Bohemians (Czech Republic), Schalke 04 (Germany), Wisla Krakow, Ostrovia (both - Poland), Rapid (Austria), Heerenveen (The Netherlands), Inter Milan, Chievo Verona (both - Italy), Atletico Madrid (Spain), Wales supporters team, Croatia supporters team, Karpaty (Ukraine) and Football team of Ukrainian showbiz stars FC Maestro. Timetable and stadiums: