Upcoming Lviv

Propaganda Music Birthday Party

Issue 16, September 2009.
On September 18th Lviv night club Picasso will host festive celebration of second anniversary of Lviv based promo group Propaganda Music. The main activity of this group is focused on popularisation in Ukraine of modern forms of funk, jazz and other genres of intellectual club music. Group Propaganda Music is DJs Krazia, Marik T-One, who are introducing and developing music internet blogs, organizing theme parties and festivals, in addition to lots of other music related activities. Thanks to efforts of promo group Propaganda Music in Ukraine performed famous foreign musicians and for the September party as special guest will come Alex Cowan AKA TM Juke.

Homage to womankind

Issue 15, July 2009.
For the fourth year in a row pulses this summer in Lviv with the sultry arrival of the often sensual and provocative ‘To women, with love…’ international photography exhibition series, Organised by Yuriy Titovets’ Prostir photo gallery, this event features a wide range of international artworks which all attempt to capture the essence of the modern female existence.

Summer movie madness at Lev Film Festival

Issue 15, July 2009.
This latest addition to the cultural life of the city promises to be popular with both young and old as it seeks to introduce the Lviv audience to some of the classics of world cinematography.

The modern art of creative lighting

Issue 15, July 2009.
Celebrated Austrian multi-media modern artist Erwin Redl will bring his colourful and ultra-urbane form of neon art to Lviv this summer after proving a big hit when he first appeared at the city’s ground-breaking Dzyga Art Union earlier this year. Austrian-born artist Erwin Redl uses LEDs as his artistic medium of choice. Working in both two and three dimensions, his works redefine interior and exterior spaces and have a futuristic feel that is at once other-worldly while also carrying a scent of Vegas glamour.

Belgian jazz by royal command!

Issue 15, July 2009.
This July will see a rare treat for Lviv’s legions of jazz lovers with a performance from Belgium’s ‘Amina Figarova Sextet’ in honour of the country’s national day. Amina Figarova is one of the most productive jazz composers and talented jazz piano players in Europe today.

Movie mania all summer long in central Lviv

Issue 15, July 2009.
Following hot on the heels of a number of well-attended and much hyped movie festivals held in Lviv over the past few months comes this new initiative to offer a summer season of movie screenings at one of Lviv’s most venerated houses of culture. Beginning on July 11 and set to run until early September, this season of screenings will be ultra-diverse and promises to encompass everything from Iranian and Hungarian short films to a retrospective of classical American and British movies.

A world of colour in Ukraine’s cosmopolitan capital

Issue 15, July 2009.
Etnovyr International Folklore Festival, August 20-24, Lviv Long famed for its multi-ethnic make-up and cosmopolitan history, Lviv has been called the ‘Babylon of Halychina’, and this diverse inheritance will be thrust into the limelight once more at this year’s Etnovyr international folklore festival, which is held with the support of the International Council of Folklore Festivals.

A feast for fans of all things musical!

Issue 15, July 2009.
Early September will see Lviv’s showcase Lemberg Exhibition Centre play host to a music fair which will offer plenty for professionals and amateur music fans alike.

Rocking away the Ukrainian way!

Issue 15, July 2009.
This rowdy and exuberant summer rock festival is a self-conscious attempt to celebrate the fastmaturing Ukrainian rock scene while also raising awareness of ecological issues in the country’s picture-perfect Carpathian mountain region.

Come back of old guards - «Fort.Missia-2009»

Issue 14, June 2009.
During July, 10-12 in Lviv region will be launched new experimental and original festival «Fort.Missia-2009». First World War unique defensive forts on Ukraine-Poland border close to Popovytchi village (near town of Shegyni) will host festival activities. It will be possible to get on this territory only one time in a year and only in a festival period.