Upcoming Lviv

DePhazz in concert, May 25, Lviv National Opera House from 19.30

Issue 24, May 2010.
Eclectic German jazz impresarios DePhazz have long enjoyed cult status in Ukraine, where the underground basement band have a loyal following which dates back to a series of popular appearances in 2002 and 2003.

Argentinean cinematography by "People of the Streets" project

Issue 23, April 2010.
The best examples of Argentinean cinematography will be presented in Lviv Art Palace by “People of the Streets” project. Eight movies filled with passion and romance, will show real life stories in all deepness and understanding. "People of the Street” is something bigger than just dance school or project , it is the soul, the essence of tango, energy of which is burning in the hearts of project members and is spread to the citiy streets.. For more detailed information about the event, please, visit http://arthouse.lviv.ua/

II Engineering Competition BEST

Issue 23, April 2010.
On May, 18-22, 2010 in Zaporizhzhe State technical university will take place all Ukrainian Engineering Competition organized by International students unity BEST. This year for the second time in the history of Ukrainian BEST competitions, will compete students-engineers of Ukraine’s leading technical institutions of Kiev, Zaporizhzhe and Lviv.

«Lviv Festival of Science-2010»

Issue 23, April 2010.
For the first time in Lviv will take place unique and special event, dedicated to scientific and educational issues – «Lviv Festival of Science-2010». Festival will be hosted by Lviv Art Palace, during three days of April 21-23. Expositions of the «Lviv Festival of Science-2010» will present the most original and interesting projects by representatives of six Lviv higher educational institutions – Franko National University, National University “Lvivska Polytehnika”, National Forestry university, Ukrainian Publishing Academy, Lviv National Agrarian University, Institute of Cellular Biology and Lviv Regional Science Academy.

April’s funny treat from Lviv’s “Arthouse”

Issue 23, April 2010.
In April restaurant -club “Atmosfera” will host film screenings of best examples of world cinematography! As April starts with April Fools day, it was decided to dedicate film program to comedies with sparkling humour, which will charge Lvivites and guests of the city with tons of positive emotions!

Pop impresario finally arrives on Lviv stage

Issue 23, April 2010.
Lviv Philharmonic Society Theatre will host unique event at the start of the early May holiday season – a rare live performance from alternative music maestro and theatrical innovator Sergej Babkin. The talented and intriguing Mr. Babkin is best known as the founder and leader of 5nizza”, but as well as making waves in the Ukrainian pop world he has successfully carved a parallel career on stage as one of leading actors at Kharkiv’s “Theatre 19”, where he also composes and performs his music. This Lviv show will allow West Ukrainian fans a glimpse of his latest theatrical stage show, which promises to offer up mixtures of jazz, blues and a variety of the world’s most romantic folk music influences.

Dzyga Jazz Quartet anniversary concert (within the framework of the ‘Flugery Lvova’ international jazz festival) Lviv Philharmonic Concert Hall (7 Chaikovskoho Str,) 4 May from 19.00. Festival to run 1-3 May in the inner courtyard of Lviv City Council.

Issue 23, April 2010.
One of the highlights of this year’s annual ‘Flugery Lvova’ international jazz festival will be a gala concert in honour of the elder statesmen of Lviv jazz, the celebrated Dzyga Jazz Quartet. The four men behind this singular Lviv jazz institution (Volodymyr Kit, Arkadiy Orekhov, Velentyn Uchanin and Andriy Nasolskiy) will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of their fruitful collaboration and many of group’s fans will be eager to show their appreciation at this headlining affair.

World famous Flamenco star Maria Serrano in Lviv, National Opera and Ballet House (28 Svobody Ave.) 02 May from 19.00

Issue 23, April 2010.
The art of flamenco dancing may have originated thousands of miles away in the dusty hill towns of medieval Spain and the opulent villas of the Hispanic New World, but the sheer glamour and raw passion of this most demonstrative of dances has always proved a big hit with Ukrainian audiences.

Museum Night, 15-16 May, museums throughout Lviv

Issue 23, April 2010.
Since its founding years in the thirteenth century Lviv has always been a city full of fascinating artifacts which have washed up at the crossroads of the Catholic, Orthodox and Middle Eastern worlds. So it comes as no surprise that Lviv has always been a city of museums where relics are honoured and revered.

Laura Martirosyan presents Armenian Jazz with her ‘Lela Brazil Project’, Picasso Club (88 Zelena Street), 27 April

Issue 23, April 2010.
The recent series of jazz evenings at Picasso continues with this concert by the ‘Lela Brazil Project’ jazz band led by Armenia diva Laura Martirosyan. This talented young singer and composer has won a host of international awards (and plenty of admirers) but she remains a student at Kyiv’s prestigious Musical Institute.