Upcoming Lviv

The Ultimate Ukrainian Old New Year’s Eve Party! Christmas Ethno Disco Fest, 13 January, Ukraine Sport Palace (18 Melnyka Street)

Issue 30, December 2010.
There are few holidays on the calendar quite as poetically post-Soviet as Old New Year’s Eve, that Tsarist hangover which almost one hundred years later allows the population of Ukraine to extend the debauches of the festive season for a further week with no more than a nod and a wink.

Far Eastern flavour to latest Lviv kino offering

Issue 29, November 2010.
For most Leopolitans the dominant geopolitical trajectory of the past 20 years has been towards Europe, with cultural events often crafted to support the broader drive to re-integrate the city into the European mainstream. However, there is no escaping the fact that as the major crossroads between East and West Lviv has always historically offered a taste of both the quintessentially European and the more exotic from the great Eurasian hinterlands stretching away towards the endless eastern horizon.

“Loneliness-Presence” Exhibition. November 5 till January 15, the Center for Urban History of Eastern and Central Europe (6, Akad. Bohomoltsia Str.)

Issue 29, November 2010.
This multimedia arts exhibition will feature installations, video art, social photography, sculpture, paintings and poetry. It explores the issue of loneliness in big cities and offers a comparative window on the way loneliness can be felt in three large cities spanning two continents.

Todes Show Ballet in concert November 20, 2010, Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre (28, Svobody ave.)

Issue 29, November 2010.
This November Lviv’s Opera and Ballet theatre will host a gala performance by celebrated show ballet troupe ‘Todes’ directed by Russian choreographer Alla Duhova. Todes offers a sensual trip through the world of dance with performances featuring all manner of sound effects and contemporary dance tracks while the lithe dancers themselves offer an intimate interpretation of erotic interplay. If you enjoy aesthetically pleasing performances and are excited by clever choreography then this could be the show of the season for you. For more information and ticket booking please call (032) 235-77-88.

WizArt film screenings of psychedelic animation, November 18, Lviv Art Palace (17 Kopernika Street, Lviv). Screenings beginning at 19.00

Issue 29, November 2010.
November 18, Lviv Art Palace (17 Kopernika Street, Lviv). Screenings beginning at 19.00 Within the framework of the VideoART project this November will see an evening of fun film at Lviv Art Palace as the venerable venue plays host to screenings of Psychedelic Animation.

Filo Machado in concert, Picasso Jazz Hall, November 23 from 19.00 (88 Zelena Street)

Issue 29, November 2010.
Picasso began Autumn 2010 in jazzy mood and this will continue with the appearance of the Sounds of Brazil quintet featuring Duduka Da Fonseca, Helio Alves, Craig Handy, Jorge Continentino and Ark Ovrutski together with the event’s special guest, Grammy Award 2001 nominee Brazilian musician Filo Machado

Toys and volunteers wanted this Christmas! St. Nicholas toy factory, Lviv Art Palace (17 Kopernika Str.) December 10—17

Issue 29, November 2010.
If you would like to help make sure that everybody in Lviv has a merry Christmas than bring your gifts along to the city’s Art Palace this December and donate to the annual gift campaign which seeks to provide disadvantaged kids with a bit of festive cheer.

Jazz Bez International Music Festival

Issue 29, November 2010.
December 2—12 at Kvartyra (apartment) 35 (35 Virmenska Str.) Philharmonic Concert Hall (7 Chaykovskogo Str.) and Picasso Club (88 Zelena Str.) Lviv’s annual Jazz Bez Festival is among the biggest in Eastern Europe. The festival opens up new horizons every year and unites music lovers of many countries.

K & K Philharmoniker Orchestra in concert conducted by Matthias Georg Kendlinger

Issue 29, November 2010.
December 12 Lviv Philharmonic Concert Hall (7, Chaykovskogo Str.,Lviv). Performance begins at 18.00 Lviv has always prided itself on being one of Eastern Europe’s most cosmopolitan classical music hubs and in recent years the quality of visiting international performers has risen steadily.

Art against AIDS annual competition finalist exhibition. Opening on November 24 at the Museum of Ideas (18a Valova Str.)

Issue 29, November 2010.
As part of West Ukrainian efforts to raise HIV/AIDS awareness ahead of this year’s International Anti-AIDS Day on December 1, this November will see the opening of an exhibition of artworks inspired by the theme of combating ignorance about the health threats posed by the epidemic.