Upcoming Lviv

Hunting holiday "Festyny Diany” (Diana’s Feast) August 7, 2010 Museum of folk architecture and rural life Shevchenkivsky Hay (1, Chernecha Gora str.)

Issue 26, July 2010.
The hunting goddess Diana, the patroness of wild animals and woodlands invites all, who love nature, dogs and hunting to celebrate the International Hunters Day in Lviv. The participants will enjoy the presentation of hunting traditions, hunting trophies and guns display, tasting favourite hunters’ dishes and drinks, and a rare demonstration of the most romantic kind of hunting - falconry.

Photo opportunities with Miss Lviv 2010! Every weekend. Opera Passage (27 Svobody Avenue)

Issue 26, July 2010.
viv’s most stylish retail complex is offering a wide range of additional entertainment this summer season, with one of the more original options being the opportunity to pose for photos with Lviv’s current reigning beauty queen, 17 year old student Natalia Dunych!

Bread Holiday, August 22, Shevchenkivskiy Hay Folk Museum (1, Chernecha Gora Street, Lviv)

Issue 26, July 2010.
The annual holiday calendar in today’s Lviv includes such delicious celebrations as Chocolate Day and Coffee day, so it is only fair that the annual holiday roster should also include a tribute to that most quintessentially Ukrainian of foodstuffs – bread!

Etnovyr International Folklore Festival, August 20-24, Shevchenkivskiy Hai Folk Museum, (1 Chernecha Gora Street)

Issue 26, July 2010.
Originally an initiative of the CIOFF a couple of years ago, this multicultural celebration has became a triumphant success and has been particularly praised for helping promote Ukrainian culture to visiting troupes of different international performers.

2010 Kino Lev film festival, 21-24 August, Bernarden Garden (Musueum of Ideas, 18 Valova Street)

Issue 26, July 2010.
This year’s summertime Lion city film festival will be dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. At this year’s festival a number of Fellini’s movies will be screened complete with Ukrainian translation for the first time ever!

2010 Week of Contemporary Art, 22-29 August, art galleries and museums and streets across the city

Issue 26, July 2010.
Lviv is an art lover’s dream with galleries and palaces dotted about the city centre, and in recent years a number of fun new initiatives have been launched to celebrate Lviv’s unique artistic heritage and modern day role as one of the engines of the contemporary Ukrainian arts and music scenes.

Cheese and Wine Holiday, October 8-10, Pototsky Palace Square (15 Kopernika Street)

Issue 27, September 2010.
Why wine and cheese in Lviv? Plenty of documental evidence exists of vine-growing in Lviv region in the 17th century, when the Lviv climate was much warmer. At the time, the southern hills of the city’s High Castle, Lychakiv district, Keizerwald hills and Vynnyky suburbs are said to have been covered with vineyards producing more than one hundred barrels of wine annually.

UEFA Europa Cup, Karpaty Lviv vs KR Reykjavik, July 22, Ukraina Stadium, Lviv. Kick-off at 18.15

Issue 26, July 2010.
Lviv’s talisman side return to European action this summer against Icelandic opposition following a decade long absence as what is an emerging Karpaty side tests itself against international opposition for the first time.

International project “The Power of Art” at Lviv Art Palace

Issue 25, June 2010.
Starting from July 16 till August15, 2010 Lviv Art Palace (Kopernika str., 15, Lviv) will host International project “The Power of Art”. Project consists of two parts : exhibition of creative modern art objects, presented by Art Society from Lublin (Poland) and symposium dedicated to the issue of modern art collections and cultural heritage preservation in countries, where take place dynamic political and social developments and changes, first of all in Poland and Ukraine.

Jazz-rock concert of bands “The Mandry ” (Lviv) and “Outsider Blues” (PL Przeworsk).

Issue 25, June 2010.
On July 12, 2010 in Lviv’s club “Picasso” will take place jazz-rock concert of bands “The Mandry ” (Lviv) and “Outsider Blues” (PL Przeworsk). Event is dedicated to the memory of Orest Zhukevich (one of the member of the band “The Mandry ”.