Upcoming Lviv

Winter Dog Shows

Issue 119, January 2019.
Originating from their wolf ancestors, dogs are amazing animals and more than just our pets. They use their keen sense of smell and sound to provide protection for homes and families, security at airports and borders, search and rescue assistance, herding of farm animals, guidance for the sight-impaired, and companionship to millions of people around the world.

The project Metropolis. Past Utopias of Future

Issue 118, December 2018.
Till January 20th spectacular project Metropolis. Past Utopias of Future, curated by Pavlo Gudimov will be showcasing views of the past visionaries on future at the recently established Center Porokhova Vezha (Gunpowder Tower).

Exhibition “Dyvny Kolyady”

Issue 118, December 2018.
From 20 December to 27January Lviv’s Book Lion bookstore and gallery will host the exhibition “Dyvny Kolyady” (Christmas winter festival) – an exciting new event featuring works by Taras Keb and Petro Bujak - two original artists, who have very special perception and unique ability to transfer all the warmth, colorfulness and depth of Ukrainian Christmas winter festival into art.

Days of Ukrainian Cinema

Issue 118, December 2018.
Lviv’s Kopernik Cinema will host the Days of Ukrainian Cinema event from 13-16 December. Organised by the Lviv Film Commission and Wiz-Art, the festivities will also feature ‘Lviv Film Meetings’ that are sure to attract many fans of Ukrainian cinematography.

Mayan Culture: Origins, Achievements and Influence in Today’s World

Issue 118, December 2018.
Imagine a world hidden amidst the Central American jungle, full of the fragrances and colours of tropical nature, where modern luxury meets ancient traditions. A place where you can feel the heroic history of a great people; a place where nature and culture are intertwined.

Ice Sculpture Festival

Issue 118, December 2018.
Lviv’s winter holiday season will once again be graced by the wonderful Ice Sculpture festival, taking place in the city centre from 11-13 January. Seven professional sculptors will create major ice sculptures inspired by the unique heritage of Johann Georg Pinsel.

Event Industry Forum

Issue 118, December 2018.
Arena Lviv will host the EIF2019 (Event Industry Forum) from 8-9 February. The program is designed to deepen the understanding of an event manager’s work, demonstrate new possibilities in the profession, and to set a new pace for the market and a new impulse for creativity. Top speakers from across Ukraine and Europe will dialogue with industry leaders, including Italy’s Salvatore Sagone (BEA World), Belgium’s Elina Jutelyte (EndoExo) and Jenny Bjorkloff (Event Jenny), and Ukraine’s-own Kartyna Nekleva (S*EVENT) and Denys Rynskyi (Global Events).

Morshyn’s 11 – A Ukrainian Comedy Film

Issue 118, December 2018.
Ukrainian cinema continues to reach new levels and cool new films keep becoming more famous and successful. For example, Hollywood first helped us make the film ‘Zakhar Berkut’, and now comes the Ukrainian comedy ‘Morshyn’s 11’.

Tango Remolino DJ Festival

Issue 118, December 2018.
Lviv’s glamorous Hotel Dnister will host the annual Tango Remolino festival from 27 December to 7 January. Remolino is all about enjoying every moment, whether it be on or off the dance floor – although the dancing is expected to take centre stage.

Ski Fun at Bukovel

Issue 118, December 2018.
The Bukovel Ski Resort – Ukraine’s largest and most popular – will host several exciting ski competitions next year that you won’t want to miss. With modern hotels, spas, and restaurants, Bukovel is Ukraine’s most European winter resort.