1001 Barbers of Seville at the Lviv Opera!

  • 1001 Barbers of Seville at the Lviv Opera!
Issue 11, March 2009.

Lviv’s celebrated Opera and Ballet Theatre will present a gala 1001th performance of Rossini’s Barber of Seville this March in what promises to be one of the cultural highlights of the early Spring calendar. The Barber of Seville was first performed in Lviv back in 1900, in what was the first ever season of the opera house immediately after its grand opening, which was attended by dignitaries from across the sprawling Habsburg Empire. Over the course of the past 109 years the main character of the opera, Figaro, has always performed in the original Italian, but has been played by Austrian, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and, of course, Italian opera singers. This time round it will be the turn of Lviv’s talented troupe to demonstrate their interpretation of this classic tale.
For more information and ticket reservations please contact the opera house on +38 (0322) 2421790, 2421163.