Lviv Society

Lviv Book Forum

Issue 105, October 2017.
Publishers and authors flocked to Lviv last month for the annual Lviv Book Forum. Founded in 1994, the literature festival and market attracts not only publishers, writers, and readers, but also famous celebrities, athletes, politicians, educators, and journalists, making it one of the most important social events of the season. The event featured thousands of new books and dozens of presentations and literary releases. There were also plenty of original works by Ukrainian authors, many of which focused on current events, like the War in Donbas, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and the EuroMaidan Revolution.

Rapid Trident 2017

Issue 105, October 2017.
Lviv Region’s Yavoriv International Peacekeeping Centre hosted the NATO Rapid Trident 2017 multinational military exercise from 8-23 September. This year’s exercise involved nearly 1,800 personnel from 14 nations in Europe, the UK, and North America. It was held at the request of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense according to the agreement that the US will continue to train and advise Ukrainian security forces until 2020.

International Hutsul Festival Shines

Issue 104, September 2017.
Hutsulshchyna is an original land of free and independent Ukraine and the Hutsuls are an ethno-cultural group of Ukrainians that have inhabited the Carpathian Mountains for centuries – mainly in the areas of Bukovina and Maramures, and the northern part of Romania. Hutsuls regard themselves as Ukrainian highlanders. The Hutsul culture is known far beyond the borders of this country as a hardworking and friendly people. That’s why each year a festival is held in their honour.

Lviv MozArt Festival

Issue 104, September 2017.
Lviv played host to the city’s newest addition to its busy festival scene – the one-of-a-kind LvivMozArt festival – from 18-25 August. This musical holiday is dedicated to the musical heritage of Mozart’s youngest son, Franz Xaver Mozart, who lived and worked in Lviv for 30 years (1808-38) and actively promoted music in the city. Lviv’s picturesque Opera & Ballet Theatre hosted the festival’s glitzy opening with a symphony concert featuring a number of esteemed soloists Antoniy Baryshevskyi, piano (Ukraine), Iulia Maria Dan, soprano (Romania-Germany), Zoryana Kushpler, mezzo-soprano (Ukraine-Austria), Mykhailo Malafii, tenor (Ukraine),Ihor Tsarkov, bass (Ukraine-Germany) backed by Lviv’s Dudaryk State Academic Male Choir and the INSO-Lviv Academic Symphony Orchestra. The festival’s art director, Ukrainian-German Oksana Lyniv, conducted the concert.

Etnovyr Folklore Festival

Issue 104, September 2017.
The Etnovyr International Folklore Festival was held in Lviv from 24-27 August. This year’s event featured colourful performances of foreign ensembles, spectacular participant parades through central Lviv, and dancing and singing workshops. Participating ensembles came from as far away as Poland, Estonia, and Macedonia, as well as from around Ukraine.

‘Between Us’ – Danish art exhibition

Issue 104, September 2017.
Lviv’s B.G. Voznytskyi National Art Gallery will host Ukraine’s first-ever Danish contemporary art display when the Dansk Folkekunst Art Association brings the ‘Between Us’ exhibition to the city from 2-24 September. The exhibit features a number of Denmark’s finest modern artists, including Ditte Knus Tønnesen, Mie Mørkeberg, Aaberg Kærn, Kristian Devantier, Andreas Monty Freddie, Ulla-Bech Bruun and others.

10th Anniversary of Days of Performance

Issue 104, September 2017.
Ukraine’s one and only festival of art performance that features masters from different countries present their works – Days of Performance – celebrated its 10th anniversary in Lviv from 28 August to 3 September. This year saw artists from Thailand and Norway perform in Ukraine for the first time. Leopolitans and guests of the city also enjoyed artists from Great Britain, Israel, Poland, and Ukraine. The celebrated works of Stein Henningsen, who lives and works in Svalbard, Norway, were premiered during the event.

‘Happy Kilometre’ Run for the Children

Issue 104, September 2017.
The successful Lviv plant of Japan’s Fujikura Automotive Ukraine hosted the second ‘Happy Kilometre’ charity event to raise money for the purchase of a surgical LED lamp luvis-L200 for the city’s Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital. The event raised over 40,000 UAH towards the total purchase price of 184,000. The money was raised through voluntary donations, as event participation was free of charge. The remaining part was covered by a charitable donation by Fujikura Automotive. This year’s ‘Happy Kilometre’ was open to participants of any age and ability level. There were men’s and women’s races of 1, 4, and 7 kilometres, as well as a special 100m children’s dash – where they ran alongside their favourite fairytale characters!

Unforgettable Summer at Lviv’s Plyazh Aqua Park

Issue 104, September 2017.
What can be better than the relaxation of a nice sunbath just a few steps from the city centre? Lviv’s new summer leisure hotspot is at the Plyazh Aqua Park, which opened the city’s largest summer sunbathing terrace in July with a spectacular party. Eventgoers were delighted with the DJ’s groovy music sets, the bartender’s show, the flamboyant show-ballet dances, and the magician’s amazing tricks. Plenty of prizes were also available from Plyazh and its partners! Throughout the entire summer, visitors of Plyazh’s pools and fitness centre could also enjoying getting some sun on the comfortable deck chairs while sipping a cocktail or soft drink from its cocktail bar.

Football Matches in Memory of Andriy Bal

Issue 103, July 2017.
As part of the Alfa Jazz Fest schedule, football events dedicated to the iconic Ukrainian footballer Andriy Bal took place near the city’s main sports venue – Arena Lviv – on 26 June. The idea to organise the events came from Bal’s coach and friend Oleksiy Mykhailychenko, another famous Ukrainian footballer. The events centred around a match in memory of Bal, Dyamo’s legendary “Number Eight”, and featured many of his friends – well-known footballers that have played in World Cups and for teams like Dynamo Kyiv, Karpaty Lviv, and other renowned clubs.