Lviv Society

Loboda Roadshow Arrives

Issue 7, November 2008.
Of all the former Via Gra girls to have gone solo after departing from the iconic all-girl group, Svetlana Loboda has undoubtedly gone the furthest in forging a credible career in her own right.

Happy Halloween in Haunted Lviv!

Issue 7, November 2008.
Lviv is a city with a wealth of lore and legend, making it the ideal place to celebrate Halloween

Beating the Autumn Blues with International Jazz

Issue 8, December 2008.
Lviv has a growing reputation as a regional jazz capital, and the ever-expanding cultural calendar is littered with international standard jazz gatherings.

Student Queens From Across the City

Issue 8, December 2008.
Lviv is a student town and one of the many inter-institutional bodies to have sprung up as a result of this plethora of higher education institutions is the Student Brotherhood

New Queen of Lviv University Crowned

Issue 8, December 2008.
Lviv’s Ivan Franko National University crowned its most beautiful student of the year in November at a glitzy gala contest entitled, ‘Queen of the University 2008.”

A Feast of Fresh Theatre

Issue 8, December 2008.
The recent international Drabyna Theatre Festival drew a rich array of young theatre talent from across the region

Raising AIDS Awareness with Fashionable Fun

Issue 8, December 2008.
Each year on December 1 the world remembers the victims of AIDS and holds events to raise awareness of the threat it poses to all of us

Sweet Arrival on the Lviv Nightlife Scene

Issue 8, December 2008.
Lviv’s club scene got sweeter in November with the opening of Chocolate Party Bar. Featuring dance zone, cocktail bar, chill out and VIP zones, the venue has also been attracting interest with a busy weekly programme of themed parties.

Triumphant homecoming for Lviv legend

Issue 8, December 2008.
Lviv designer Oksana Mukha presented her native city this November with an exquisite fashion show featuring her new collection “Dream Territory”

Bard’s Annual Lviv Date

Issue 9, January 2009.
Celebrated Slavic bard Oleksandr Malinin traditionally comes to Lviv with his new concert programme at the end of each year.