Lviv Society

Celebrating Lviv’s Rich Armenian Inheritance

Issue 5, September 2008.
On August 17 Lviv marked the 645th anniversary of the city’s Armenian cathedral. Festivities including a solemn Liturgy were led by the Head of the Ukrainian Eparchy of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archbishop Grigoris.

Celebrating Ukrainian Literature!

Issue 6, October 2008.
Lviv has long been the home of Ukrainian-language literature, and while that responsibility is now shared with Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, it remains the spiritual home of the written word in Ukraine. In a bid to acknowledge this Lviv plays host to an annual literary forum which draws the entire industry to the city for a brief few days of September hype and creativity.

International Investor Forum

Issue 6, October 2008.
Over three hundred delegates from 12 countries attended the early October Lviv Economic Forum, with debate focusing on the many ambitious infrastructure projects which have been planned as part of the city’s Euro 2012 preparations.

Habsburg grandeur and Viennese arts at Austrian Cultural Season

Issue 6, October 2008.
As its tourist industry develops and the city’s famed cafe culture returns to its Little Europe glory, Lviv is increasingly in the mood to celebrate its Habsburg past. This was demonstrated last month by the start of a cultural season of Austrian themed events including everything from arts sketches by Austrian masters to world- class ballet in the sumptuously Habsburg surroundings of Lviv Opera House.

Undisputed Champ Defends Title in Hometown

Issue 6, October 2008.
Lviv’s world WBA Lightweight champ Andrey Kotelnik defended his title on September 13 in front of a raucous home crowd at the Ukraine Sports Palace. The great and the good of Lviv society came out in force for what was one of the sporting highlights of the annual calendar and they were not to be disappointed as Kotelnik defeated Japanese contender Norio Kimura in a unanimous points decision.

Cultural bridge with Georgia

Issue 6, October 2008.
The recent war in the Caucasus has done much to strengthen ties between fellow colour revolution nations Georgia and Ukraine, and on September the majors of Lviv and Georgia’s second city Kutaisi met in the West Ukrainian capital to ink a new cultural cooperation deal and mark festivities being held to celebrate ten years as twin cities.

Women in Photos

Issue 6, October 2008.
On September 16 Lviv’s splendid National Museum played host to the grand opening of an international photo art expo which brought photographic artists from tens of countries together in homage to women of the world entitled, “To women. With love…”.

Cultural focus celebrates 15 years

Issue 6, October 2008.
The Dzyga arts centre celebrated 15 years as one of Lviv’s cultural hubs last month with a string of events which reflected the venue’s diverse artistic influences and genre-defying versatility.

Lviv History Museum Celebrated 115 Years

Issue 6, October 2008.
Lviv’s impressive history museum was founded in 1893 and last month saw costumed drama in the museum’s Italian Courtyard surroundings to celebrate 115 years in business. The museum holds a number of particularly noteworthy artworks including rare portraits of Habsburg nobility Lviv historical masterpieces from the early modern period

Knights of old conquer Lviv region

Issue 6, October 2008.
Early September saw the annual fun and games at the village of Urich, where the ancient fortress of Tustan offers the perfect backdrop to a day of medieval derringdo and festive fun in the foothills of the Carpathians.