Lviv Society

Dazzling dancers do battle

Issue 21, February 2010.
In the past fifteen years Ukraine has slowly emerged as something of a regional ballroom dancing power house. This should come as no surprise – the combination of sporting prowess and flamboyant elegance required to succeed in the ultra-competitive ballroom dance world are qualities which appear tailor-made for Ukraine.

Ukraine’s traditional New Year Halloween goes political

Issue 21, February 2010.
There was election fever in the air at this year’s ‘Malanka’ carnival in the village of Vashkivtsi on the Cheremosh River, lending the popular fancy dress festivities a satirical air. Revelers dressed as Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko and her Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin caused a minor sensation, while Soviet stagnation stalwart Leonid Brezhnev also put in an appearance.

Ice art in midwinter Lviv

Issue 21, February 2010.
On January 17 as the country was going to the polls in the first round of presidential elections, Leopolitans enjoyed a more civilized distraction in the shape of wonderfully sculpted and impressively imposing ice sculptures.

Brains and Beauty at Student Pageant

Issue 20, January 2010.
Christmas Eve in Lviv was particularly appealing in 2009 as the city’s Millennium Club played host to a ‘Student Beauty’ contest which promised to test the intellect of its bambi-legged contestants while also stimulating the audience in more traditional ways.
Pop singer   Andriana with a friend

Hotly-Anticipated Clubland Arrival

Issue 20, January 2010.
Lviv’s nocturnal party scene received a timely seasonal boost in mid-December thanks to a brace of stylish grand opening parties at new clubland venue “Rafinad People”.
Oleg Yakovlev’s  offering presented to the jury

Lviv’s Best Chefs!

Issue 20, January 2010.
The grand final of the ‘Lviv Frying Pan’ contest was held on December 21, with the finest chefs in Galychina competing for the honour of being named top cook. The contest was organised by Lviv City Council and the Lviv Guild of Restaurant Owners.

Celebrity Christmas Carols!

Issue 20, January 2010.
A host of famous Ukrainian show business personalities performed at a gala concert in early January that reminded Lviv theatre-goers of the traditional Christmas celebrations of yesteryear.

Europe’s Longest Christmas Holidays!

Issue 20, January 2010.
Christmas came early to Lviv in 2009 with celebrations to mark St. Andrew’s Day on December 13, and the fun didn’t stop until well into January as the Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox faithful all marked their respective Christmas holidays.

Lviv Wins Euro 2012!

Issue 20, January 2010.
Lviv marked the onset of winter in early December with news that the city had finally been confirmed as a host city for Euro 2012. Officials at European football’s governing body UEFA had previously threatened to deny Lviv, Donetsk and Kharkiv the right to host games due to the slow pace of their respective preparations

New luxury retail and recreation option opens in Lviv

Issue 19, December 2009.
The elegant building located at 27 Svobody Avenue in Lviv has always been at the centre of trend-setting in the capital of West Ukraine. Originally known as ‘Kun’s Hotel’ and later as the ‘Belle View’, ‘Explanada’ and ‘Elit’ hotels respectively, at the turn of the twentieth century the building housed a popular concert hall which offered cabaret from magicians as well as some of Ukraine’s first ever cinema screenings.