Lviv Society

Lviv Welcomes Grand Opening of Spartak Centre

Issue 122, April 2019.
Lviv celebrated the grand opening of its newest sports, trade, and entertainment complex when the Spartak Centre opened its doors on 15-17 March. This spectacular complex boasts a seven-cinema Multiplex, a 6,500 m2 Sportslife area with own Olympic swimming pool, and a Silpo supermarket as its anchor tenants.

Women’s Meeting for Equal Rights

Issue 121, March 2019.
International Women’s Day on 8 March saw a rally by feminist groups in front of City Hall on Rynok Square, a traditional gathering place for protests and rallies. Over 100 activists from Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states showed their support for the Istanbul Convention, which advocates to ensure women’s protection from violence, access to equal opportunities, and the abandoning of gender stereotypes.

‘Take Off Fur Forever!’ Anti-Fur Protest

Issue 121, March 2019.
Animal rights activists hosted the ‘Take Off Fur Forever!’ anti-fur protest in front of City Hall in Lviv’s city centre on 24 February. Organisers encouraged Leopolitans to come out and support the initiative of UAnimals to adopt a law to close all fur farms and skinneries in Ukraine.

Donald Tusk Visits Lviv

Issue 121, March 2019.
European Council President Donald Tusk was in Ukraine last month to mark the five-year anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity. He arrived in Kyiv to take in ceremonies in the capital and met President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Groysman before speaking to the Verkhovna Rada about Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Casting Miss Lviv 2019

Issue 121, March 2019.
Lviv’s hotspot Gloria Café recently hosted the casting for the upcoming Miss Lviv 2019 beauty pageant. The event attracted 150 of Lviv and area’s most beautiful ladies aged 16 to 24, making it the largest regional heat for Miss Ukraine in the country.

Wagner’s ‘Lohengrin’ Premieres in Lviv

Issue 121, March 2019.
Lohengrin, a three-act romantic opera written and composed by Richard Wagner, premiered at Lviv’s iconic Opera & Ballet Theatre in early March. While the opera remains a classic, the tale has always contained a hint of subversion. Wagner’s Lohengrin is one of the most important works of the romantic epoch and has been reinterpreted in many ways in theatres around the globe.

National record to commemorate T. Shevchenko

Issue 121, March 2019.
On March 9th in Lviv was festively celebrated the 205th birthday anniversary of T. Shavchenko, a Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, public and political figure, as well as folklorist and ethnographer.

Hockey Day in Lviv with #OpUNIFIER

Issue 120, February 2019.
On 10 February as Lviv’s Rynok Square hosted the Hockey Day celebration. The day’s highlight was when our Galician Lions took on a joint team of Canadian troops representing #OpUNIFIER.

Buddy up at pub “Bratyska”!

Issue 120, February 2019.
For Leopolitans news that there is yet another venue ready to pop up in the city, is in the ordinary course of life. Indeed, it became quite difficult to dazzle perceptive connoisseurs of the hospitality art. That became a bit of a good challenge for the owners of the recently opened Bratyska pub, located in the cozy corner of city’s iconic Kryva Lypa Lane.

One year with Victoria’s Secret

Issue 120, February 2019.
Recently, Ukraine’s biggest sexiest lingerie styles store - Victoria’s Secret, (located at 36 Doroshenka str), festively celebrated first birthday anniversary! This well-recognized brand, founded back in 1977 in features luxurious yet available items, as each woman who purchases and wears “ordinary lingerie” wishes to have something more fabulous and exclusive. Exquisite, romantic and smokin' sexy atmosphere of Victoria’s Secret is much more appealing for women, then heaps of dull panties and colorless bras. Swimsuits, lingerie, clothes, make-up and accessories by Victoria’s Secret are available for trying on, purchasing or pre-ordering at two-leveled store located in Lviv’s city centre.