Lviv Society

From now on Alea 78 PORICHKA by BZ Parfums in Lviv are exclusively available at Olena Dats' Gallery.

Issue 100, April 2017.
Within Lviv Fashion Week Olena Dats’ presented new capsule collection PORICHKA inspired by collaboration with BZ Parfums. During fashion show, lovely Illaria enchanted the audience with spectacular voice, while modern track by DJ Ms. Me. came as wonderful highlight of the presentation. As partner of PORICHKA Party came Elite Club, Lviv’s network of exquisite alcohol and delicacies.

The Servant of Two Masters Premiers in Lviv

Issue 99, March 2017.
Lviv’s Mariya Zankovetska Drama Theatre brought Carlo Goldoni’s ‘The Servant of Two Masters’, a popular comedy that has been adapted over and over again for the last 270 years, to the Western Ukrainian capital last month. In the wrong hands, ‘The Servant of Two Masters’ could be a complete disaster. But due to the efforts of Kyiv’s artist Violetta Makar, who created the sumptuous costumes and spectacular stage designs, the play is an absolute triumph.

Lviv to Welcome New Airlines

Issue 99, March 2017.
On March 10th representatives of Lviv’s Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, the Lviv Tourism Alliance, and Lviv City Council announced the creation of a special foundation that hopes to attract new airlines and flight destinations to Lviv. The foundation will raise money to be used to attract the airlines and increase budget air travel options to and from Lviv – an important stimulus to Lviv’s hotel and restaurant industries. “Generally, the financial stimulation of air carriers is a common practice around the world, while in Ukraine it will be implemented for the first time”, said Andriy Sydor of the Lviv Tourism Alliance.

Women’s March for Equal Rights

Issue 99, March 2017.
Over 100 people marched through Lviv on International Women’s Day calling for women to rise up, fight domestic violence, and demand equality. The March 8th holiday was celebrated in the Soviet Union is still widely marked in Ukraine, but activists say a recent emphasis on giving women flowers and compliments is not what women really want.

‘Professionals’ Exhibition

Issue 99, March 2017.
The open-air ‘Professionals’ exhibition featuring women that have made great contributions to various areas of life – from art to physics – was put on display in Lviv’s city centre from March 8th to mark International Women’s Day.

The World of Kabuki

Issue 99, March 2017.
The Year of Japan in Ukraine kicked off in Lviv on March 3rd with The World of Kabuki, an elegant and exquisite exhibition of art at the Sheptytsky National Museum. The Embassy of Japan in Ukraine presented a unique part of the heritage of world art – authentic Japanese prints of Kabuki theatre. In his welcoming speech, Japanese Ambassador Shigeki Sumi said that traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre has long been highly regarded around the world. He said he is always very happy to introduce the splendour of Japanese painting art to as many people as possible.

Credit Agricole Bank – To be exactly where our customers are

Issue 98, February 2017.
Credit Agricole Bank’s MNC Desk – the first specialized branch for international corporate business clients in the Western region – was officially opened in Lviv on 26 January. To celebrate, Lviv’s House of Scientists played host to a festive reception attended by CEO of Credit Agricole Bank Jean-Paul Piotrowski, Management Board Member of Credit Agricole Bank Larysa Bondarieva, representatives of Lviv City Council, and bank’s current and potential partners and clients.

Sweet Anniversary of Confiserie JUST

Issue 98, February 2017.
French confectionary JUST, located on the 3rd floor of Forum Lviv, recently celebrated their first anniversary in style. Guests of the festive event were treated to a variety of delicious sweets and exquisite sparkling wine. The highlight of the event came when the spectacular Author’s Cake – a culinary masterpiece crafted specifically for the occasion – was presented to the lucky eventgoers.

The BMW 5-Series Comes to Lviv

Issue 98, February 2017.
Aria Motors, Lviv’s official BMW dealership, unveiled the new seventh generation BMW 5-series business sedan at their dealership on February 10th. The model is powered by the Bavarian brand’s latest technologies – improved eco-safe dynamics, maximum driver assistance systems, full network integration, and innovative system control.

Artistic Masterpieces on Display

Issue 98, February 2017.
Starting from February 1st the Lviv Art Gallery plays host to a spectacular and rather extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Lviv National Art Academy. From its first day in 1946, the academy encouraged creative experiments, original technology, and conceptual visions of young Ukrainian artists.