Lviv Promotion

Taking Flight:Lviv’s-Own Ulyana Barabash on Planes, Polos, and Patriotism

Issue 88, March 2016.
For some, Lviv is known as Ukraine’s capital of chocolate, for others it’s coffee; but make no mistake – Lviv is also the country’s fashion capital. The city is home to some of the nation’s most respected fashion designers, including the young, talented and beautiful Ulyana Barabash. Already having made a name for herself in the Ukrainian fashion world – her lines have been a staple at fashion shows for years – Barabash set out to create something intensely personal: a high-end, made-in-Ukraine fashion line that would promote Western Ukrainian values abroad.

World’s First Egg-Shaped Pysanka Coin

Issue 87, February 2016.
The Royal Canadian Mint issued a 1 oz. pure silver “Traditional Ukrainian Pysanka” coin – the first egg-shaped coin issued by the mint – on February 20th. The colourful coin captures the intricate beauty of the pysanka – one of the most beloved forms of traditional Ukrainian folk art! Beautifully handcrafted, the carefully decorated Easter egg is a veritable trove of symbolism – each motif and colour carries a different meaning.

The Best of Lviv 2015

Issue 86, January 2016.
As another action-packed year in Ukraine’s cultural capital comes to an end, the Lviv Today team would like to look back and honour the people, places, and events that have helped make the past 12 months in Lviv so memorable. 2015 was both an exciting and a challenging year in Lviv; one which ended with the Western Ukrainian capital being named as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Lviv’s VINTAGE NOUVEAU Named Ukraine’s Best Restaurant for Original Cuisine

Issue 86, January 2016.
The third annual SALT® Restaurant Awards, which honour the best in Ukrainian restaurants, were held in Kyiv on December 7th. Like the Oscars for restaurants, this gala event attracts the leading Ukrainian restaurateurs and international professional experts. SALT Awards are given to restaurants selected by customers and judged by a professional jury. Selections are not limited in any way – they represent many different styles and tastes and come from cities across the country. All in all, 116 restaurants from 11 different cities were chosen as finalists from a record-breaking 1,140 restaurants nominated from 40 Ukrainian cities! Each finalist was visited by members of the awards jury at least twice.

Hares Youssef teams up with Lviv IT experts to launch new virtual currency

Issue 85, December 2015.
Meet Hares Youssef, Syrian-Ukrainian internet innovator who teams up with Lviv IT experts to launch new virtual currency with more value-based philosophy

Candle is More Than Just a Light!

Issue 85, December 2015.
Lviv Candles Manufacture renewed its mandate in 2013 with the aim of reviving the traditions of the heritage handicraft trade of candle-making. Candles appear at many of life’s happiest moments, as with candle light the home becomes cosier, the coffee more fragrant, and feelings more passionate! With this in mind, the Manufacture has listened to the wishes of its clients, so you can be sure that all candles – decorative, artistic, thematic, or exclusive – are meticulously handcrafted. Each candle is individually fashioned by the warmth of its creators. With the holiday season upon us, it is the time of year to think about the aura that candles can bring; about the festive atmosphere they help create. Candles are a wonderful feature of a romantic dinner, a party with friends, and of course, what would Christmas and New Years’ celebrations be without candles?

Stylish Guide Book for Teen Glamour-Puss

Issue 82, September 2015.
Girls love to express their personalities through the outfits they wear and are often fascinated by fashion – the latest looks, trends, and celebrity styles that they see all over the media. But the actual how-to when it comes to recreating these looks and finding their own, one-of-a-kind sense of style can be a real challenge. Not anymore! Influential fashion designer Oksana Karavanska demystifies fashion and helps young ladies interpret everything from timeless classics to current trends her newest book. The book helps girls explore which looks will make them feel comfortable and confident. You can find tips for everything from how to shop smart to how to apply make-up correctly. The book is filled with funny stories, includes a section on the designer’s own childhood, and features plenty of historical fashion facts to keep readers of all types interested!

Ukrainian Book Wins Global Recognition

Issue 77, March 2015.
While Ukraine’s current political situation remains very difficult, Ukrainian culture has not yet been put on the backburner – it has instead turned out to be in the spotlight. For example, new art initiatives are launched nearly every week. This trend can be interpreted in two ways: on the one hand, Ukrainians are exhausted by the stress of war and are looking for an escape from the dreary political situation; and on the other hand, social developments in the country have provided for deeper artistic appreciation among the Ukrainian citizenry. We, in turn, continue to follow the artistic process and the changes in the cultural map of our country.

Lviv Today Awards 2014

Issue 75, January 2015.
When a year starts with a country in the throes of a revolution and ends in what can only be considered a war, it can be difficult to look back on the year and remember the good. The year 2014 had a significant impact on Lviv – city Mayor Andriy Sadovyi become a household name nationwide; Arena Lviv emerge as a cultural hub for both sport and music; and Leopolitan talent recognized both throughout Ukraine (Andriana Khasanshin wins Miss Ukraine) and across Europe (Old Lion’s Publishing House wins prestigious children’s book award). Of course, prominent among these events the whole year was Leopolitan living legend Svyatoslav Vakarchuk – the front-man for Ukraine’s iconic Okean Elzy – who not only toured the country to record crowds, but also used his influence to support the principles of the EuroMaidan and to raise money for the injured from the war in Donbass. So as 2014 draws to a close, Lviv Today presents you with our annual awards for the people, places, and events that have helped make the past 12 months in Lviv so memorable.

Ukrainian Hospitality Awards

Issue 75, January 2015.
The top hotels in Ukraine were recognized last month at the Ukrainian Hospitality Awards® in a glitzy ceremony in Kyiv. The Radisson Blu chain in Ukraine were the big winners of the evening, taking home three major awards: the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil was named Best 4-Star Business Hotel; the Radisson Blu Resort, Bukovel was recognized as Best Resort; and the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv won top honours in Best Corporate Social Responsibility.