Lviv Personality

The New Musical Heights of Matthias Kendlinger

Issue 102, June 2017.
Nearly 100 musicians in the orchestra, about the same amount of concerts every year on Europe’s top stages, over 40 studio recordings, and thousands of fans eagerly awaiting their next live concert – that’s how best to describe the K&K Philharmoniker orchestra, founded in Lviv in 2002 by Austrian Matthias Georg Kendlinger. In addition to creating his own symphony orchestra, this Tyrolean native is its conductor and composer. With the stated goal of becoming one of Europe’s top orchestras, the K&K Philharmoniker touring schedule is planned nearly two years in advance. Tickets often sell out even when the group has two concerts on the same day, so it looks like the orchestra has nearly reached their goal! Lviv Today met up with Mr. Kendlinger to learn more about the man, his orchestra, and a new musical festival coming to Lviv very soon.

Lviv’s best conference hub

Issue 101, May 2017.
Lviv is known for its hospitality – not just for unforgettable ancient-city atmosphere highlighted with the sweet aromas of coffee and chocolate, but also for its high-quality conference services. You can find that level of quality and professionalism at Ramada Lviv, now celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Lviv’s Outstanding Artistic Phenomenon – Yaroslav Bryn

Issue 99, March 2017.
Yaroslav Bryn began his art education at Lviv’s Ivan Trush Art College before studying in the Department of Monumental Painting at Lviv’s Art Academy. The talented young artist then took the opportunity to work on stained glass panel layouts at a Spanish company before moving to Lviv’s S. Krushelnitska Opera & Ballet Theatre in 2004 as the artistic director for scenery design of the ‘Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs’ ballet.

The Hardkiss Lands in Lviv

Issue 95, November 2016.
Lviv’s Ukraine Sports Palace is proud to present Ukrainian rockers The Hardkiss live in concert on December 9th. Founded in 2011 and fronted by Yulia Sanina and Valeriy Bebko, the popular group mixes rock, pop, and electronic music into a style the group labels as ‘progressive pop’. The Hardkiss is known as one of Ukraine’s top acts, having won 5 national Yuna Awards (including for Best Album, Best Song, and Best Video), for being nominated for Best Ukrainian Artist at the 2012 MTV Europe Awards, and for finishing as runner-up to Eurovision champion Jamala at last year’s national Eurovision song contest with their hit ‘Helpless’. More than that, Sanina was named one of the 30 Most Successful Ukrainians Under 30 by Ukrainian Forbes. In honour of their 5th anniversary, the group will travel Ukraine on the Perfection Tour to promote their newest singles. The Hardkiss has combined unmistakeable vocals and a unique look with top-quality live performances to become one of Ukraine’s top musical acts. Prior to her arrival in Lviv, frontwoman of the Hardkiss Yulia Sanina took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for Lviv Today.

Юлія Нікітіна:"Якщо ви розумна, але погано виглядаєте, то перегляньте пункт "розумна"

Issue 94, October 2016.
Кожен рік саме восени значно зростає кількість відвідувачів фітнес-клубів. До Нового року залишилось 2,5 місяці, і розпочинаються щорічні роздуми на тему "як привести тіло до ладу" напередодні сезону Різдвяних та Новорічних святкувань. Звичайно, для того, щоб гарно виглядати та мати красиве тіло треба попотіти у тренажерних залах, але одним із найважливіших елементів успіху є фітнес-тренер. Отже, “яким має бути ідеальний фітнес інструктор?” - з такими питанням Lviv Today звернувся до Юлії Нікітіної, найпозитивнішого та неймовірно харизматичного фітнес-тренера у львівському “Аквапарку “Пляж”.

Man of Action, Man of Hope

Issue 85, December 2015.
Andriy Porodko is at the same time the Director of the SAMI charitable organisation, Head of the organising committee of Charitable Lvivshyna, a member of the Ukrainian Benefactors Association, a caring father, and simply a very positive person. He understands full well the value of life, as he managed to beat a serious oncological disease early in life. That is why he dedicates himself so wholeheartedly to children in Lviv and the region. Andriy helps many children at orphanages and boarding schools. He arranges art therapy workshops for children with leukemia, organises festivals, and brings to life many different social projects and initiatives to help children in need. Many students at Lviv’s specialised boarding schools are grateful to Andriy for the always entertaining Special Olympics sports competition and the Lutyn youth social festival.

A Will of Iron: The Inspiring Story of Lviv’s Ironwoman Triathlete Olena Chernyak

Issue 84, November 2015.
When 32-year-old Olena Chernyak went to Greece last summer armed with just some suntan lotion and a book, she could have never imagined the transformation that her life was about to take. The mother and business administrator moved from the hum-drum of office life to the gruelling and glamourous world of international Ironman triathlons in just a few months. What was her trick? Lviv Today sat down with this inspiring woman to unravel her story.

The Coach: Myron Markevych

Issue 80, June 2015.
While the football-loving eyes of the nation were transfixed on Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk’s remarkable run to the Europa League final last month, fans in Lviv could be excused for cheering a little louder after seeing one of their own walk down the sideline. Head Coach Myron Markevych didn’t just grow up in the Lviv Region, he built his entire football career in the city. While he wasn’t quite able to lead his Dnipro squad to its first ever European trophy – the team fell 2:3 to Seville in the Europa League final – the long-time Ukrainian Premiere League (UPL) coach and former head coach of the Ukrainian National team earned renewed respect by leading Dnipro to more success than the team has seen in its nearly 100 years of existence. While it was disappointing not to see the him rewarded with a European title for his efforts, it was nice to see the man that led FC Karpaty to some of its most successful seasons basking in the European spotlight. So, for the uninitiated, here’s a short biography of “Coach Karpaty” – Myron Markevych.

ONUKA Interview

Issue 78, April 2015.
ONUKA is a breath of fresh air for even the most experienced electronic music fans. The union of live instruments and “digits” infuses Ukrainian traditions with trendy beats to create a whole new sound that it is entirely impossible to forget. Nata Zhizhchenko, the lead vocalist of ONUKA, is a musician that simply cannot allow herself to be limited by boundaries. She is not afraid to experiment, whether it her work with the traditional Ukrainian instrument of the sopilka or her vocals, which she can completely change or sample during a performance. Prior to her arrival in Lviv, Ms. Zhizhchenko took time out of her schedule to answer some questions for Lviv Today.

Ivan Levinsky – The Man Who Built Lviv

Issue 76, February 2015.
Famed 19th Century architect fused the folk traditions of Ukraine with the modern philosophy of the western world to leave his mark on the architectural traditions of Lviv.