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Wedding Bells in Ukraine

Issue 54, February 2013.
Economic recess and instability in life make more young women in Ukraine seek marriage in other countries. Since the beginning of 2009, the number of individual men visiting Ukraine from North America, UK and EU, with the purpose of marriage has been growing and has actually doubled. In their turn, Ukrainian women, being internationally regarded as “perfect” wives and mothers, are more and more interested in marrying men from the West, as these marriages provide better guarantees of security, safety and a comfortable life for themselves and their children.


Issue 53, January 2013.
Be aware that “Ukraine joins the non-smoking world” after years as one of Europe’s last bastions of public smoking 2012 finally saw ban imposed


Issue 53, January 2013.
Find more about “The Dangers of seasonal screen time” in the article by Dr. Richard, a British family physician at American Medical Centres in Kyiv.

Emigration opportunities and obstacles

Issue 49, September 2012.
Ukrainians seeking a new life abroad must contend with anti-immigration environment As Ukraine’s dream of greater Euro-integration continues to fade, emigration is back on the agenda for many young Ukrainians. With the current government in Kyiv facing the prospect of increasing international isolation, many of the country’s emerging generation are being drawn to the broader horizons and better prospects of the wider world.

Surviving Ukraine’s seasonal climate change Summer health tips: survive and thrive during the long, hot Ukrainian summer

Issue 48, July 2012.
As the summer sun continues to drench Ukraine it is perhaps worth stopping and considering how the hot weather affects our health in this land of extreme seasonal climate changes. For a country famed for its long, cold winters, it can be incredibly hot in Ukraine during the summertime and we all need to realise how that can affect us.

Sheva’s swansong Modern Ukraine’s most celebrated son gives fans one last magical night to remember

Issue 48, July 2012.
With all due respect to Oleh Blokhin and his squad, nobody really expected much from Ukraine on the pitch at Euro 2012. Ranked far below their group stage opponents in the FIFA ratings and without a competitive fixture to their name since 2009, Ukraine entered the championships by default as co-hosts and were seen as potential whipping boys.

A victory for ordinary Ukrainians Government likely to claim Euro 2012 glory but real plaudits belong to Ukrainian public

Issue 48, July 2012.
Euro 2012 was supposed to be the moment when Ukraine finally entered the European mainstream. Instead, as the tournament approached the country’s political leadership found itself in ever greater international isolation, shunned for its treatment of imprisoned opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko and scolded for its democracy shortcomings.


Issue 47, June 2012.
Lviv Today’s London-based journalist, Andrew Lewis, previews the Euro 2012 championship, looking at the teams playing in Arena Lviv, the tournament favourites, and the chances of the Ukrainian team.

Only in Ukraine the FEMEN phenomenon

Issue 47, June 2012.
Its official: all-girl Ukrainian topless activist group FEMEN will be targeting Euro 2012 matches. The ladies of FEMEN have been popping up - and popping out - all over the country in the run-up to this month’s UEFA extravaganza, and so it comes as no surprise to learn

Obligatory Ukraine

Issue 47, June 2012.
10 essential experiences all visiting Euro 2012 fans must try before they leave Ukraine