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Sheva’s swansong Modern Ukraine’s most celebrated son gives fans one last magical night to remember

Issue 48, July 2012.
With all due respect to Oleh Blokhin and his squad, nobody really expected much from Ukraine on the pitch at Euro 2012. Ranked far below their group stage opponents in the FIFA ratings and without a competitive fixture to their name since 2009, Ukraine entered the championships by default as co-hosts and were seen as potential whipping boys.

A victory for ordinary Ukrainians Government likely to claim Euro 2012 glory but real plaudits belong to Ukrainian public

Issue 48, July 2012.
Euro 2012 was supposed to be the moment when Ukraine finally entered the European mainstream. Instead, as the tournament approached the country’s political leadership found itself in ever greater international isolation, shunned for its treatment of imprisoned opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko and scolded for its democracy shortcomings.


Issue 47, June 2012.
Lviv Today’s London-based journalist, Andrew Lewis, previews the Euro 2012 championship, looking at the teams playing in Arena Lviv, the tournament favourites, and the chances of the Ukrainian team.

Only in Ukraine the FEMEN phenomenon

Issue 47, June 2012.
Its official: all-girl Ukrainian topless activist group FEMEN will be targeting Euro 2012 matches. The ladies of FEMEN have been popping up - and popping out - all over the country in the run-up to this month’s UEFA extravaganza, and so it comes as no surprise to learn

Obligatory Ukraine

Issue 47, June 2012.
10 essential experiences all visiting Euro 2012 fans must try before they leave Ukraine

Euro 2012 group stages: Lviv hits German jackpot!

Issue 41, December 2011.
With all the new stadia built, and the qualifying stages concluded, the next piece of Euro 2012 news that football fans had been waiting for was the draw. On Friday 2 December in Kyiv, the fate of the last 16 teams was decided. After four years of preparation, having been awarded the honour of co-hosting the tournament with Poland back in April 2007, Ukrainians finally discovered which teams would be playing in their country, and which countries their national team would face in the group stage. And Leopolitans watched the draw with great interest to find out which matches would be hosted in their new crown jewel – Arena Lviv.

Euro 2012 kick – off on schedule Ukraine’s Euro 2012 doubters left confounded as nation unveils final host city stadiums

Issue 40, November 2011.
October saw the unveiling of 2 new Euro 2012 stadiums in Kyiv and Lviv, completing Ukraine’s set of four host city venues ahead of next summer’s showcase European Championships. The country is still far from ready for its role as Euro 2012 co-host, but nevertheless Ukraine’s achievement in meeting its stadium obligations more than half a year before the big kick-off is a symbolically potent success that hasconfounded the legions of doubters who consistently said that it couldn’t be done.

20 years of memory wars

Issue 38, September 2011.
They say that the past is a different country, but in patchwork Ukraine the past is actually at least two different countries in a state of perpetual conflict. With the removal of the Soviet straightjacket, these opposing world views have resurfaced with a vengeance, producing an ongoing national identity crisis which has so far lasted two decades and counting.

Anticipating the post-Euro 2012 expat boom Will 2012 tournament lead to a game-changing increase in the number of expatriates calling Kyiv home?

Issue 36, June 2011.
Ukraine’s much-hyped European Champion¬ships debut is now just twelve months away and as the clock ticks down towards the big kick-off attention will remain firmly focused on the state of the country’s preparations. Will all the planned airports, stadiums and — most importantly from the perspective of UEFA bigwigs — five-star hotels be ready in time? Beyond the bricks and cement of raw infrastructure undertakings, Ukraine’s abil¬ity to successfully manage the tournament will also come under considerable scrutiny: do the country’s policemen and hospitality sector staff speak good enough English to interact with visiting fans? Are host city fan zone facilities up to scratch? Will relaxed local attitudes towards alcoholic excess lead to disaster as football fans from all over Europe rush to experience the dubious pleasures of Ukrainian horilka?

Three years of Lviv life

Issue 35, May 2011.
Lviv Today associate publisher Peter Dickinson reflects on the brief but colourful life of West Ukraine’s first ever English language publication