Lviv Opinion

VISA ranking

Issue 109, February 2018.
Ukraine first among CIS countries in 2018 global passport index thanks to EU visa-free access EU visa breakthrough helps Ukraine climb from 58 to 44 in annual global Visa Restrictions Index survey of travel freedom

Tribute to Inventive Women

Issue 109, February 2018.
International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognised for their achievements regardless of their national, ethnic, linguistic, economic, or political backgrounds. Feminism should be practiced every day. The idea of women having equal rights to men isn’t an agenda, it should be the way of life. But we all need a boost, and International Women’s Day has been lifting women up for over a century. The eighth of March is a day to celebrate the women you admire and pay tribute to women who developed or are currently developing creative technologies to solve problems.

The 2018 Crystal Ball: Ukraine is on the Brink, But of What?

Issue 108, January 2018.
January has returned, and along with it comes our annual ‘Year in Review’ issue. Flip through to discover all the reasons that made Lviv such a special place to be in 2017. But if you want to know what the city and country has in store, keep reading.

Can Ukraine Really Afford More Holidays?

Issue 107, December 2017.
The Ukrainian government just officially recognised Catholic Christmas. It still recognises Orthodox Christmas. Can it really afford the world’s longest Christmas season?

Harmony with Brown Bears

Issue 107, December 2017.
Bears are beloved in Ukraine. Not only are they the national symbol of the Zakarpattia region, but they are prevalent in circuses, zoos, and pop culture – like in the popular Masha i Medved (Masha and the Bear). Unfortunately, bears are not always treated well in the area, as they continue to be poached and are subjected to serious mistreatment by business ventures like circuses, private zoos, or even unscrupulous tourist venues.

Gearing Up for Ukrainian Christmas and Malanka

Issue 107, December 2017.
If you think the holiday season ends on New Year’s 2018 – think again! There’s the Ukrainian holiday season still to come! Have you ever wondered why Ukrainians celebrate Christmas at a different time than in the West? It has to do with the old Julian calendar and the Orthodox and Eastern-rite churches that still use it. Due to small inaccuracies in the calendar, it was ditched nearly 500 years ago for the modern Gregorian one we use today.

Irish experience can help reverse Ukraine’s brain drain

Issue 106, November 2017.
Ukraine can learn from Ireland’s diaspora engagement initiatives and FDI successes Ireland’s history shares many similarities with Ukraine. We have also had our famines, foreign imperial rule, struggles for independence, and violent conflict zones. Like Ukraine, Ireland also has a long history of mass emigration. The reversal of this trend in the 1990s helped build Ireland’s famed “Celtic Tiger” economy. As Ukraine seeks ways to stem the flow of citizens seeking opportunities abroad, Ireland’s experience may offer useful insights that could help reverse the current brain drain threatening Ukraine’s future prosperity.

Why independent Ukraine is the ultimate post-Habsburg nation

Issue 105, October 2017.
Twenty-six years since it first gained independence, people still routinely refer to today’s Ukraine as a post-Soviet country. The Soviet experience, together with the Russian imperial epoch that came before it, are widely accepted as the definitive historical foundations underpinning the modern Ukrainian state. This highly Kremlin-centric perspective on Ukrainian history completely ignores the major roles played by numerous other powers in the formation of the Ukrainian nation, such as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire.

Time for Ukrainians to discover Ukraine

Issue 104, September 2017.
One of the biggest victories scored by the Ukrainian government this year was the approval of comprehensive visa liberalization with the European Union. Thanks to this measure, Ukrainians have entered into a new phase in their relationship with the EU and will be able to travel throughout Europe without visas for the first time in the country’s history.

Ukraine prepares to boost public diplomacy efforts

Issue 104, September 2017.
Plans underway to establish Ukrainian Institute as Kyiv seeks to improve country’s weak international profile What do most foreigners know about Ukraine? There is a good chance they know next to nothing, while what little information they may have is likely to be both distorted and negative in character. This unsatisfactory state of affairs may be about to change. After decades of neglect, Ukraine is finally addressing the country’s international image problems. Autumn 2017 will see preparations continue for the launch of a public diplomacy initiative designed to promote Brand Ukraine internationally and raise the country’s cultural profile around the world.