Lviv Opinion

Building Brand Ukraine

Issue 115, September 2018.
How should Ukraine seek to brand itself before international audiences? The New Europe Center and the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter assembled distinguished state officials, academics, diaspora and civil society leaders at the Hyatt Kyiv in summer 2018 to share insights and experience from the Israeli state-building project and discuss how the lessons of Israel might be applicable to modern Ukraine.

What does the EU mean to ordinary Ukrainians?

Issue 115, September 2018.
While conducting a series of regional visits earlier this year, we at the New Europe Center think tank noticed that European integration as imagined by the Kyiv political class is somewhat out of step with the perceptions of ordinary Ukrainians outside the capital. What does the EU really mean to the Ukrainian public? To be able to gain a clearer picture of these attitudes, we decided to involve polling company GfK Ukraine, with the support of USAID/ENGAGE and PACT.

Russia still overshadowing Ukraine in the heart of the European Union

Issue 115, September 2018.
A new political season is now underway in Brussels but Ukraine will have its work cut out remaining high on the EU agenda as we head towards the end of the year. Thoughts in the European capital are already turning towards upcoming elections to the European Parliament in May 2019, meaning a lull in lobbying as the focus shifts to campaigning.

Memo to international community: Ukraine is awkward – get used to it

Issue 114, July 2018.
As Ukrainians prepare to celebrate the twenty-seventh anniversary of the country’s independence, there is no escaping the fact that independent Ukraine has become an extremely awkward actor in the world of international relations. It is simply too big, too strategically important, too unknown and too unexpected to fit into most people’s perceptions of modern Europe. Almost nobody saw independent Ukraine coming back in 1991, and there remains a sense that nobody knows quite what to do with the country. This uncertainty leaves Ukraine stuck firmly in geopolitical no man’s land. The country currently finds itself in an unenviable position, locked in an undeclared war with Russia while being denied any hope of a roadmap towards future European Union or NATO membership. As each year passes, this failure to address the international implications of Ukrainian independence in an adequate manner is becoming more and more costly for all concerned.

Local optimism vs national pessimism

Issue 113, June 2018.
Ukrainian politicians must make the case that decentralization is more than a local success story In today’s Ukraine, pessimism at the national level is a well-established phenomenon and one that often obscures the very real progress that is taking place at the local level. In fact, since 2015 the local picture has often been strikingly optimistic across Ukraine, at least according to polling data compiled by the International Republican Institute (IRI).

Carpathian cooperation can help Ukraine attract Romanian tourists

Issue 113, June 2018.
Poor connections and low profile mean relatively few Romanians currently visit Ukraine despite close proximity

Ivana Kupala Day 2018 – Ukraine’s Newest (and Oldest) Holiday

Issue 113, June 2018.
As Ukraine continues its quest to redefine Ukrainian culture, some traditional holidays have taken on more importance. Take, for example, Ivana Kupala Day – the Ukrainian celebration of summer solstice. Celebrated for centuries in Ukraine, the event has seen a revival in recent years. Leopolitans take pride in protecting traditional Ukrainian legacies, so it’s no surprise that the Western Ukrainian capital is one of the best places to celebrate the holiday. Among the country’s most picture-ready cultural festivals, you’ll want to have camera-in-hand on 6-8 July as you check out one of Ukraine’s most unique and folksy festivals.

Lviv Real Estate - Top 10 Investor Tips

Issue 112, May 2018.
A thriving IT industry, close links to the EU and an expected international tourism boom make now the ideal time to invest in Ukraine’s fairytale city While Lviv is only Ukraine’s seventh largest city, it has established itself as the country’s No.2 real estate market. These top 10 tips should provide some insight into the many Lviv-specific factors that make the west Ukrainian capital such an attractive but challenging city for potential investors.

The Editor Vs The Oligarchs

Issue 110, March 2018.
Vitaly Sych first made his name as the long-serving editor of Ukraine’s top current affairs weekly, but he cemented his reputation by resigning rather than bowing to Yanukovych era censorship. He is now back at the helm of a new journalistic empire that aims to challenge the media monopoly of Ukraine’s oligarch elite

Tune Up Your Body & Mind This Spring Season

Issue 110, March 2018.
Spring is a time for regeneration and renewal, when we throw off the shackles of winter and walk confidently into the new day. It’s also the perfect time to get your body back on track and feeling fabulously balanced. The truth is, during winter, it’s easy to get out of whack. With lots of heavy foods, shorter days, not enough sunlight and the feeling of being strangled underneath all those winter woolies, it’s no surprise we come into spring feeling less than our best. But there is a solution, some simple things you can do to get back on top of the game. Why just spring clean your house when you can spring clean your body?