Lviv Opinion

Carpathian cooperation can help Ukraine attract Romanian tourists

Issue 113, June 2018.
Poor connections and low profile mean relatively few Romanians currently visit Ukraine despite close proximity

Ivana Kupala Day 2018 – Ukraine’s Newest (and Oldest) Holiday

Issue 113, June 2018.
As Ukraine continues its quest to redefine Ukrainian culture, some traditional holidays have taken on more importance. Take, for example, Ivana Kupala Day – the Ukrainian celebration of summer solstice. Celebrated for centuries in Ukraine, the event has seen a revival in recent years. Leopolitans take pride in protecting traditional Ukrainian legacies, so it’s no surprise that the Western Ukrainian capital is one of the best places to celebrate the holiday. Among the country’s most picture-ready cultural festivals, you’ll want to have camera-in-hand on 6-8 July as you check out one of Ukraine’s most unique and folksy festivals.

Lviv Real Estate - Top 10 Investor Tips

Issue 112, May 2018.
A thriving IT industry, close links to the EU and an expected international tourism boom make now the ideal time to invest in Ukraine’s fairytale city While Lviv is only Ukraine’s seventh largest city, it has established itself as the country’s No.2 real estate market. These top 10 tips should provide some insight into the many Lviv-specific factors that make the west Ukrainian capital such an attractive but challenging city for potential investors.

The Editor Vs The Oligarchs

Issue 110, March 2018.
Vitaly Sych first made his name as the long-serving editor of Ukraine’s top current affairs weekly, but he cemented his reputation by resigning rather than bowing to Yanukovych era censorship. He is now back at the helm of a new journalistic empire that aims to challenge the media monopoly of Ukraine’s oligarch elite

Tune Up Your Body & Mind This Spring Season

Issue 110, March 2018.
Spring is a time for regeneration and renewal, when we throw off the shackles of winter and walk confidently into the new day. It’s also the perfect time to get your body back on track and feeling fabulously balanced. The truth is, during winter, it’s easy to get out of whack. With lots of heavy foods, shorter days, not enough sunlight and the feeling of being strangled underneath all those winter woolies, it’s no surprise we come into spring feeling less than our best. But there is a solution, some simple things you can do to get back on top of the game. Why just spring clean your house when you can spring clean your body?

VISA ranking

Issue 109, February 2018.
Ukraine first among CIS countries in 2018 global passport index thanks to EU visa-free access EU visa breakthrough helps Ukraine climb from 58 to 44 in annual global Visa Restrictions Index survey of travel freedom

Tribute to Inventive Women

Issue 109, February 2018.
International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognised for their achievements regardless of their national, ethnic, linguistic, economic, or political backgrounds. Feminism should be practiced every day. The idea of women having equal rights to men isn’t an agenda, it should be the way of life. But we all need a boost, and International Women’s Day has been lifting women up for over a century. The eighth of March is a day to celebrate the women you admire and pay tribute to women who developed or are currently developing creative technologies to solve problems.

The 2018 Crystal Ball: Ukraine is on the Brink, But of What?

Issue 108, January 2018.
January has returned, and along with it comes our annual ‘Year in Review’ issue. Flip through to discover all the reasons that made Lviv such a special place to be in 2017. But if you want to know what the city and country has in store, keep reading.

Can Ukraine Really Afford More Holidays?

Issue 107, December 2017.
The Ukrainian government just officially recognised Catholic Christmas. It still recognises Orthodox Christmas. Can it really afford the world’s longest Christmas season?

Harmony with Brown Bears

Issue 107, December 2017.
Bears are beloved in Ukraine. Not only are they the national symbol of the Zakarpattia region, but they are prevalent in circuses, zoos, and pop culture – like in the popular Masha i Medved (Masha and the Bear). Unfortunately, bears are not always treated well in the area, as they continue to be poached and are subjected to serious mistreatment by business ventures like circuses, private zoos, or even unscrupulous tourist venues.