Lviv Business


Issue 32, February 2011.
Late January saw Lviv’s international business community attending a forum organised by the European Business Association to assess the potential of an EU free trade agreement for the country. The event, which was supported by the British Embassy


Issue 31, January 2011.
On December 21 PwC Ukraine’s Lviv office held a conference addressing the hot topic of the country’s new Tax Code.


Issue 31, January 2011.
On December 16 the West Ukrainian branch of the European Business Association held its annual awards ceremony in the conference hall of hotel “Dnister" and elected its board of directors for 2011.
Stefan Gullgren, Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine


Issue 29, November 2010.
Mid October saw Leopolitans celebrate “Swedish Days” in the West Ukrainian capital.

Stone finery for paved city

Issue 25, June 2010.
On June 12, 2010 Lviv welcomed grand opening of company «StoneBerg» main office and exhibit hall. Company «StoneBerg» is widely recognized brand, which is specialized on importing from Turkey various sorts of natural stones: travertine – mostly used for in construction activities and interior decorations, as well as marble.

London MEP Charles Tannock: Ukraine’s geopolitical pendulum swings east

Issue 21, February 2010.
The European Union has never entirely taken Ukraine to its heart as a future member. Although Ukraine is undoubtedly European in an historical, ethnic and cultural sense, it is considered by some EU policymakers as a step too far: not necessarily because Ukraine does not merit or qualify for EU membership but because such a move might unduly antagonise Russia.

Political leaders and international investors gather in Lviv Oblast for ninth annual Economic Forum

Issue 17, October 2009.
The ninth annual Lviv International Economic Foreign gathered a wide range of corporate, government and international investment sector representatives to the Lviv Oblast spa resort town of Truskavets in the Carpathian foothills 1-2 October. The event has long since been the biggest regional gathering of its kind in West Ukraine, and this prominence was reflected in the keynote speeches delivered by President Viktor Yushchenko and PM Yulia Tymoshenko.

Building a new investment strategy

Issue 16, September 2009.
In October 2008 the Foundation for Effective Governance together with the Lviv city authorities and consultants from Monitor Group began work developing an appropriate long-term competitiveness strategy for the city. The first phase of the project was completed by end of May 2009 with the public presentation of the new Lviv strategy with the support of both key stakeholders and the broader community. The task now remains to transform strategy into reality and implement an ambitious long-term vision for Lviv. If successful, in 10–15 years, Lviv will have built a modern open economy that houses a well-balanced mix of companies and is open to external expertise and capital.

Tram modernisation project on track

Issue 16, September 2009.
On September 8 a German Consortium from ARGE led by PTV AG presented the results of their 8-month research into Lviv Urban Transport Strategy. The Document analyses the city’s current transport problems based on field studies and traffic counts and then applied to the VISSUM-based transport model.

Human Resources: Protecting Your Key Asset

Issue 16, September 2009.
Since the recession hit Ukraine in last quarter of 2008 unemployment figures have risen sharply. According to the International Labour Organization the real unemployment rate in Ukraine is in or around 9.5%, while over the last year more than 500,000 people are thought to have lost their jobs. This difficult economic climate has meant serious implications for employers which can lead to two developments: a decrease in employee morale, and an increase in the workloads which individual employees are being asked to take on. What steps can employers implement today in order to pull themselves out of the downward spiral and make the negatives less pronounced?