Lviv Business

Ukraine’s business climate - global outlook

Issue 98, February 2017.
The European Business Association officially commenced the new business season. The EBA Board members from different sectors and industries explained key issues and what to expect in 2017. So, let's find out the main ideas and forecasts from our experts.

New Possibilities in Banking with Credit Agricole

Issue 98, February 2017.
Credit Agricole Bank opened MNC Desk - a specialized branch for corporate business in Lviv (11 Hnatyuka St.) at the end of January 2017. Larysa Bondarieva, Management Board Member of Credit Agricole Bank told Lviv Today about the branch’s services and new possibilities for clients.

Lviv’s Akurat Company Continues to Grow

Issue 97, January 2017.
Lviv’s Akurat company is well-known for its trendy restaurants and popular shops, including: Hrushevsky Cinema Jazz, Panska Charka, Honest Meat, Del Pesto, Kogut Josper Pub, Virmenka Coffee Shop, the Modern Art-Hotel and shops Tinctures from Lviv, which one can find in Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro and even at famous ski resort Bukovel. The man behind all of these venues is company founder and General Director Taras Kolodiy. He shared with Lviv Today the key points in the company’s history and its roadmap to success.

Fantastic opportunities: here and now

Issue 91, June 2016.
Lviv is a miracle. Not many cities in the world may claim to have such a deep soul as ours. With its international ratings growing day-to-day, Lviv is definitely making it to the top. A city, where everyday a dozen of new creative start-ups appear and business opportunities are available on every step. In this article, we describe how Lviv made it and what will happen in the city’s business life in the years to come.

RC Shuttle – Comfortable Residence Near Lviv

Issue 91, June 2016.
Representatives of Lev Development arranged a meeting with managers of real estate agencies and realtors where they presented the advantages of the new Shuttle residential complex. Lev Development is a new name in the local real estate market and the company works on the design and planning of apartment buildings. Shuttle is the first complex that the company has brought to the high-quality residential property market of smaller-area size. As the company’s present priority, the Shuttle complex is currently under construction on Sadova St. in Dubliany town. This club-type house has 6 floors and is located in a closed-off area. The building is a modern, cast-in-place concrete frame building with brick partitions. It features an innovative design, including: solar batteries, a water purification system, a video door-entry system, separate mailboxes, and an electronic key system. Most apartments are one or two rooms, with the possibility of redesign, however 3-room options with a terrace are available on the top floor. While each apartment features a separate heating system thanks to the installation of a two-sectional boiler, tenants will still have the option of choosing between condensing or turbine-boiler types. Panoramic windows offer maximum daylight and each apartment is equipped with high-quality metal doors with a MDF cover.

The Man with the Plan: British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce to Open Office in Lviv

Issue 87, February 2016.
When it comes to foreigners knowing a thing or two about Ukraine, few understand the country better than Bate C. Toms. Heading the oldest Western law office in the country, this Yale & Cambridge-educated lawyer has been working in the country for 25 years. In that time he’s rubbed shoulders with some of this country’s most powerful – from politicians to celebrities, from business leaders to athletes – and has stories to share about them all. He also has some well-researched ideas on what Ukraine should do next, including right here in Lviv. Lviv Today sat down with Toms in advance of the opening of the new British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC) office in Lviv.

EBA Western Ukrainian Office’s Annual General Membership Meeting

Issue 86, January 2016.
On December 4th at the Leopolis Hall, the EBA Western Ukrainian office held their Annual General Membership meeting "Think globally, act locally". The purpose of the meeting was to discuss changes in the global economy and the influence of regional development on them.

The Art of Being Modern

Issue 85, December 2015.
Being up-to-date, using the latest technologies, and implementing new ideas – these are the hallmarks of a modern company. These are also the principles that the MS development company lives by when creating new living spaces for Leopolitans. Solar batteries, centralised emergency generators, water purification systems, insulated walls, panoramic windows, underground parking – these are just some of the key features found in housing complexes newly built by MS. Being modern means not only employing the latest construction techniques, but also being at the heart of the city’s lively events. Being modern is an art, and one that MS strives for every day.


Issue 84, November 2015.
Lviv based company «MS» - one of the most dynamic construction companies in the city, have recently opened two new residential compounds: “PANORAMA", located on 10, Okolychna str., and “NA KONDUCTORSKIY” located on 16, Konductorska street accordingly. Company «MS» offers residential space of business-class, aimed for people who value comfort and coziness, as for many people the choice of dwelling is one of the most important choices in their life. Also, all elite housing estates are situated in quiet and eco-friendly residential areas.

How to become one of Lviv investment lions?

Issue 80, June 2015.
This month we have interview with Markian Malskyy, Ph.D., attorney-at-law, MCIArb, Partner, Head of West Ukrainian Branch of Arzinger law office, Head of West Ukrainian Branch of European Business Association who shares his views on Lviv’s investment opportunities with Lviv Today Publisher Peter Dickinson.