Lviv Business

Preparing the Perfect Resume

Issue 10, February 2009.
As the credit crunch hits the Ukrainian economy many people have recently found themselves out of work and on the job market, making it more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. The best tool for attracting the attention of potential employers remains a high-quality resume, or Curriculum Vitae.

The importance of English language skills

Issue 7, November 2008.
How can I help you? This is a phrase we are all accustomed to hearing at cafes, company and hotel receptions desks throughout the world. We let out a sigh of relief when we find ourselves in foreign destinations and our interlocutors can communicate in English, the undisputed international language of today.

Freelancing your way out of crisis

Issue 9, January 2009.
We have seen the financial crisis, which originated out of some very dubious lending procedures in the U.S sweep through the North American continent, spill over into Western Europe and Asia and steam roll into Ukraine.

Banking of Halychyna

Issue 8, December 2008.
Austrian financial expert Karl Schlagenhaufen represents Volksbank in Lviv. Like many Austrians he reports finding a home-from-home for himself in Lviv and believes that despite the current global economic crisis, the future for the region remains bright.

Lviv’s Danish business leader

Issue 7, November 2008.
Danish businessman Lars Vestbjerg has been living and working in Lviv for just six years but has already managed to make his mark on the city’s fast-maturing international business community. His interests include property, footwear manufacture and investment, and throughout his career in Lviv Mr. Vestbjerg has matched the vigorous pace of his business activities with an active social and professional life that has seen him play a key role in establishing the European Business Association in West Ukraine while also representing his native Denmark and the broader international investment community.