Equal Partnership

  • Equal Partnership
Issue 54, February 2013.

“The client and the bank are equal partners,” says Liubov Hetmanska, head of Lviv Regional Division at UkrSibbank BNP Parіbas Group. Liubov agreed to talk  about the advantages that UkrSibbank has to offer its SME clients.

According to the rating “50 Leading Banks of Ukraine” by Kommersant-Ukraine, UkrSibbank has been named the best in the following categories: “Servicing Legal Entities”, “Salary Projects”, and “Overdrafts”. What are the advantages that your bank can offer to its clients?

The notion of a “reliable partner” is a cornerstone of our collaboration with clients. These are not mere words, as business success depends entirely on partners. This strategy helps us to be the best and to offer a range of services and products starting from efficient, profitable, and comprehensible financial instruments to an individual approach and professional consulting and support. By the way, the latter should not be underestimated. Even if other banks have almost the same fees, the quality of analytical and IT support differs considerably. Clients need to consider not only the financial advantages a bank can provide but also more technical issues, such as payment warranties, specific features of the new tax code, and currency exchange regulations. Businessmen need specialists who will be able to advise them on all banking issues.

Our bank offers its clients not only all the necessary consultations at all our branches but also free seminars on the most pressing business matters. UkrSibbank has been offering such seminars for the second year in a row. At these seminars clients can have their questions answered by professionals from different sectors and can freely share their experience, make new connections, and find new partners. More than 3,000 businessmen have already participated in our seminars.

New Platform

What are your most successful and promising financial instruments?

The All Inclusive is undoubtedly our most successful product. It is a comprehensive solution for companies and employees, which includes not only payment cards, salary, and other payments but also a variety of banking and insurance services, accessory services, and privileges in one package.

In 2012 the bank transferred its salary card projects to a new platform, a move that provided us with an all-in-one approach to client servicing. Thanks to this, more than 15,000 companies and 700,000 individuals are now using our All Inclusive product. Our figures show that clients are very interested in this package.

This product offers companies numerous advantages. Let’s take a look at remote services: using them, a company can order payment cards for its employees by itself. The new platform will also substantially reduce time-consumption because, for example, payroll sheets are processed online. Also, companies can make salary payments to employees of their affiliated branches throughout Ukraine in a centralized manner with no additional charges.

Did this package offer help you to attract new clients?

Yes, small- and medium-sized companies have been the most interested in this offer because of its high efficiency and mobility. We offer four packages of different levels: Start, All Inclusive, All Inclusive Ultra, and All Inclusive De Luxe, out of which every employee can choose what suits him/her most. Starting January 2012, our clients have the opportunity to withdraw money from their salary cards at any ATM in Ukraine free of charge. Our clients also enjoy preferential fees with the Global ATM Alliance network worldwide (more than 40,000 ATMs in 40 countries).

Business Support

Sometimes companies have brief liquidity gaps. For example, a company has to pay salaries today, but no money is expected until the next day. Is there any solution for the client in question?

The company could use an overdraft that would be repaid once the expected funds from contractors have been received. This is a very good backstop for a business with active money flows on the accounts. Furthermore, we have hourly tariffs, i.e., if a client uses an overdraft and repays it within two hours, the interest will run only for two hours. Few banks can boast such conditions; that is what makes it an extremely advantageous offer. As a rule, we provide overdrafts for one year up to 40% of the yearly turnover.


UkrSibbank has introduced hourly tariffs: if a client uses an overdraft and repays it within two hours, interests will be running only for two hours.

In its 2012 rating Investgazeta named UkrSibbank a “Bank for Entrepreneurs.” What advantages do you offer to businesses?

The product that is most interesting to business people is our cash and settlement services. We offer several levels of services that allow the client to select what is best suited to his/her activities. For example, the Ekonom (Savings) package is a universal offer with a low account opening fee and monthly handling fee; using the Bezlimitnyi (Unlimited) tariff package, the client pays a monthly fee and is entitled to make all payments free of charge as well as withdraw money in line with preferential fees. For private entrepreneurs, we devised a dedicated offer called the Pidpryiemets (Entrepreneur).

We have been receiving numerous requests to extend our operating hours and therefore decided to prolong the business day to 6 p.m. (most banks stop accepting active operations by 4 p.m.). And the payment processing time takes less than 10 minutes. We also enhanced our StarAccess Internet banking system. Clients can subscribe and use the system free of charge.

Do you have any other much-sought-after services?

Our foreign currency transactions enjoy much success among clients with active foreign activities. The cost of these services depends on the volume of transactions: for transactions up to $20,000 the fee is 0.3%, which decreases gradually as the transaction amount increases. For example, for transactions amounting to $500,000, the fee is a mere 0.15%.

Also, clients with active foreign activities are interested in money transfers to/from Ukraine. We have an extensive network of correspondent banks, which helps to considerably reduce transaction-processing time. Our financial advisors select the best ways to execute transfers in order for our clients to avoid additional intermediary fees. In order to carry out these transactions, we ensure that the transaction documents comply with monetary legislation, and we also provide clients with all necessary legal advice. Of course, any lawyer could provide these services, but our consultations have the advantage of being included in the cost of the service package. It is worthwhile mentioning that our expertise has been highly appraised by the international award “Best Bank for Clients in the Monetary Market of Ukraine” in 2010-2011 by the Global Finance magazine. We also received the “Straight-Through Processing Excellence Award” from Deutsche Bank for the high quality of payments in 2012.