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Issue 53, January 2013.

EBA focuses the attention of its members through its system of Committee Meetings. Each Committee focuses on a specific industry or problem area, and they give our members the opportunity to discuss various professional issues. By participating in EBA Committees, members are able to work together to find common solutions to common problems and to present a unified response to the authorities. The EBA Committees provide a key lobbying tool that enables business men and women to establish a dialogue with Ukrainian authorities and to promote and protect industrial interests.
At the moment the following EBA Committees operate in Lviv: EBA Legal Committee; EBA Tax and Accounting Committee; EBA Customs Committee; EBA Human Resources Committee; EBA Management Committee; EBA Manufacturing Committee; EBA Marketing Committee.
The Committees are formed according to the common interests in certain branches of the companies’ activities which are members of the Association. The meetings are held in the form of dialog and exchange of information between the participants. Besides, the problems which foreign investors face are being solved through the consultations of the qualified specialists or official appeals to appropriate plenipotentiary state authorities.
Throughout the year 2012 the EBA conducted 50 meetings of its Committees which were attended by more than 1200 representatives of EBA Member Companies. Within the EBA Committees members had the opportunity to share knowledge and update one another on best practices, newest industry trends, latest products and services and developments in their respective markets. The most prominent speakers at Committees meetings in 2012 were: Volodymyr Hubytskyy, Deputy Head of Lviv Oblast State Administration for Euro 2012, City Development and Construction; Oleh Synyutka, first Deputy Mayor; Alan Lees, Operations Support Manager at Discovery Drilling Equipment; Halyna Yanyshivska, Marketing Director of milk company "Halychyna"; Petro Kholyavchuk, Director of Kyiv Training Institute; Yevhen Pentsak, Ph. D., Lausanne University (Switzerland), Professor of finances KMBS, head of program “Master of Banking and Finance”; Pavlo Sheremeta, Partner of Regional Institute of Blue Oceans Strategy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia; Andriy Kucherenko – business coach, consultant, psychologist, certified trainer MCNLP; Pablo Muniz, Attorney from VAN BAEL & BELLIS Company from Brussels.
The Committees are open for new members and their initiatives in its activities. Each member has a possibility not only to get information, but also to be a direct source of it.

Olha_Zelenchuk, EBA Committee Coordinator