Issue 53, January 2013.

You may notice that it was an interesting year due to all worldwide events and informational flows. Luckily some of the predictions didn’t come true and a lot of aims where achieved in different spheres of life.
Of course it wasn’t an easy year, but I’m glad to inform that our community is growing. Today EBA Western Ukrainian office works with 80 regional and 65 national companies who conduct their activities on Western Ukraine. During 2012, 16 companies joined EBA, two of them are from Ternopil and one from Ivano-Frankivsk regions.
During 2012, 87 events had been conducted, more than 2 000 people participated there. We continue to perform our activities for EBA members as the platform of cooperation and helping hand for each company. Step by step, together with the active members and other EBA branches, during 2012 we facilitated the problems which appeared in legislation, authority relations etc in order to establish European standards of making business in Ukraine and in some of them we achieved success.
We wouldn’t be able to do a lot without our strong team of EBA Board in Western Ukraine and EBA Committees team, Social event’s team and of course without support of EBA Kiev office. Without the brilliant team spirit it would be hard to achieve the aims which were posed.
Traditionally people make plans and wish something new while winter holidays, so I want to do the same. I believe that we’ll find new partners to make us stronger. We’ll continue to conduct interesting and qualitative committee meetings, unique social events and to construct the European business environment together with local officials. My last believe is that we will keep alert and fastly react to all the issues, ideas and news EBA members share with us.
I would like to express my gratitude to Udo Heine, Chairmen of the Western Ukrainian branch of EBA, Taras Yurynts, Deputy of the Chairman of the Board, Markiyan Malskyy, Deputy of the Chairman of the Board, Liubomyr Zubrytskyy, Board member, Anton Podilchak, Board member.
In conclusion, I would like to wish Happy New Year and Marry Christmas to all of you! Let peace lives in your families and right decision will be a good friend in your business throughout the year. Have a nice Winter holidays!

Maryana Lutsyshyn, EBA Regional Coordinator