Exploring Lviv

Growing Reputation of the Ukrainian Alps

Issue 9, January 2009.
Ukraine’s enormous tourism potential has yet to be effectively harnessed, but the sector is showing signs of slow but steady progress towards the kind of facilities that could do justice to the country’s obvious appeal and help the next generation of Ukrainian capitalise on their natural riches.

Exploring the Haunted City

Issue 6, October 2008.
Lviv is an ancient city where history has literally accumulated in waves from every direction for the past 750 years. In addition to inspiring Lviv’s beautiful architecture and mosaic culture, this colourful past has also served to fill the city with an international army of ghosts and ghouls who offer a supernatural twist to Lviv’s famed cosmopolitanism.

Park Life in a Garden City

Issue 1, May 2008.
Lviv is one of Europe’s driest, most land-locked regional capitals, but what it may lack in ocean breezes and riverside views it more than makes up for in park life greenery. May is traditionally the time of year when Lvivites return to their urban gardens in droves to celebrate the end of the long winter hibernation period and the arrival of the glorious Lviv summer.