Exploring Lviv

Lviv’s “Green Treasure”

Issue 68, May 2014.
Discover the High Castle, one of city’s beautiful parks and extremely popular leisure destination Lviv citizens.


Issue 67, April 2014.
Take Your time to get acquainted with Lviv’s fashion trends starting from the end of the 19th century, a period when the entire world was driven by a passion for beauty, the arts, and novelties in everything.

Lviv’s treasures of sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen

Issue 66, March 2014.
Among Ukrainian cities, Lviv stands alone as a place where one can find important architectural landmarks of all kinds of styles representing many different eras standing right next to each other. Works from many recognized architects and artists can be found decorating churches, adorning art galleries, or specially displayed in one of our many museums.

Lviv’s Armenian Heritage

Issue 61, October 2013.
The annual holiday dedicated to one of the oldest streets in Lviv – Virmenska – was held over the September 13-15 weekend. The year’s celebration was dedicated to the 650th anniversary of the Armenian Cathedral – the oldest in Lviv and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Leopolitans, tourists, and distinguished guests had the wonderful opportunity to discover many historical facts about prominent Halychynan Armenians, the Armenian Quarter through different historical periods, and the role of Armenians in the history of the city. The Armenian community has had an undeniable impact on the historical development of Lviv, as well as on its culture and traditions, and the holiday was designed to celebrate this unique aspect of the city’s heritage.

The Culinary Tales of Stefko Rondel - Halycian Vegetarian Cuisine

Issue 60, September 2013.
Discover Halycian Vegetarian Cuisine story

Lviv Weekend Trip Ideas

Issue 59, July 2013.
The rich history and spectacular natural beauty of Western Ukraine makes it a hotspot for one-two day excursions. The variety of exciting locations around Lviv and Western Ukraine’s regions will help you to forget your daily troubles and will surely plunge you deep into the fantastic world of picturesque landscapes and adventurous activities.

Lviv’s Botanical Treasure

Issue 58, June 2013.
The Botanical Garden is one of the oldest educational and scientific research institutions of the Lviv National Ivan Franko University in Ukraine. The main task of the garden was to offer students lessons on morphology and the systematic teaching of plants at the University. Today the Botanical Garden is located in Lviv in two different areas, 44 Cheremshiny St. (which covers an area of 16.5 ha) and at 4 Cyril and Methodius St. (occuping 2 hectares).

The World’s One and Only Pysanka Museum

Issue 56, April 2013.
Find out about The World’s One and Only Pysanka Museum located the town of Kolomiya in Western Ukraine’s Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Ukrainian Dream of Da Vinci

Issue 55, March 2013.
With its spacious central square, streets decorated with Italian arches, sizeable churches and a dominant palazzo, the little town of Zhovkva – with 13,000 inhabitants – is as close as one will get in Ukraine to seeing what da Vinci dreamed of as his “ideal city.”

Pochayiv (Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra)

Issue 54, February 2013.
Pochayiv, is a cozy little town, which would probably have remained off any tourists’ radar, if it were not for its main sightseeing attraction – the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, one of the three most beautiful Orthodox monasteries of Eastern Europe. It stands on a rocky hill, over 75 meters above the town, gazing down on city dwellers and their daily pastimes. While tourists come to see the architecture and to experience the unusual energy of this land, true believers come here because of the Lavra’s reputation for making miracles happen.