Exploring Lviv

All Aboard! Riding the Lviv to Budapest Train

Issue 87, February 2016.
Travelling from Lviv to Budapest with Ukraine Railways is a real pleasure. The international train and carriage itself carries a fine sense of romance and intrigue from a bygone era with its graceful, old-fashioned décor and charm. This daytime venture takes you through two contrasting lands – the spectacular Carpathians hills and valleys of Ukraine and the majestic Puszta flatlands of Hungary – before arriving at Budapest approximately 14 hours later. It is worth noting that in either direction the service no longer operates overnight, unless one travels to or from Kyiv.

Touring Lviv’s Iconic Sights with Pro Lviv!

Issue 85, December 2015.
Did you know that the Galician capital was already a popular winter sports destination by the 1910s? For example, figure skating was already well-established by the end of the 19th-Century thanks to the efforts of the Lviv Skating Association (LSA) and the Sokol Ukrainian-Polish Gymnastic Association.

Starry, Starry Lviv Night

Issue 84, November 2015.
Take Your time and find out about Astronomical Observatory of Lviv’s Ivan Franko National University

Touring Lviv’s Iconic Sights with Pro Lviv!

Issue 83, October 2015.
Find out more about the great Leopolitan and Master of Aphorisms – Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, who lived and worked in Lviv and who is well known as the unrivaled master of paradoxes and aphorisms. His legendary “Unkempt Thoughts” collection became folklore long ago and was repeated in various versions even without reference to the author.

Touring Lviv’s Iconic Sights with Pro Lviv!

Issue 82, September 2015.
Lviv has always been known for its extraordinary people – from doctors and merchants to kings and soldiers. The beauty of the city has always drawn remarkable artists, poets, and writers – such as the one we’d like to tell you about today – the great Leopolitan and Queen of Aphorisms – Ms. Iryna Wilde. It is known that “brevity is the ******of wit”. It’s true – concise, yet witty aphorisms have a way to, like a flash of lightning, strike the spark and ignite the human imagination to new ideas. They have one advantage over the novel – they are always read until the end.

Go Below – Western Ukraine’s Underground Adventures

Issue 81, July 2015.
There is always something new to discover about our country; we never stop learning and exploring new wonders of nature. There are endless opportunities for adventure travel in Ukraine, for people of all ages and fitness levels as local adventure travel companies offer tourists numerous fun-filled activities from hiking to rafting, to skiing and horseback riding. Adventure travel in Ukraine provides you with a unique way of seeing this beautiful country. Above ground, the mountains, rivers, animals and birds keep us mesmerized, but what few know is that there is a world underground that is worth exploring and studying. Speleology is the study of caves and other underground karsts. What interests speleologists is the history, physical structures and the life forms that are found in these underground realms. Speleology and caving go hand in hand, becoming an attraction in Ukraine and an activity that many enjoy. As you enter a cave you are transported to an alien world with its own climate, plant and animal life. A variety of sport non-equipped caves can be investigated along with the tour operator's experienced instructors. The amazing underground formations of stalagmites and stalactites with leave you breathless.

Lviv’s Walking Terrace Tour

Issue 79, May 2015.
Just as surely as trees and flowers blossoming, eggs being intricately decorated for Easter, and Leopolitans being freed from the constraining bonds of their winter parkas, a sure sign of spring in Lviv is the glorious opening of the city’s myriad, magical patios. Dotting the cobblestone streets of Lviv’s city centre like pawns on a chess board, the opening of the patios – or summer terraces as they’re known as here – is a sure sign that summer is just around the corner. With virtually every business in the downtown core offering some sort of sidewalk sanctuary, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your hard-earned money and leisure time. So Lviv Today has put together this guide – a walking terrace tour that will take you through some of the city’s most stunning scenery and sumptuous bistros. First let it be said that while some cities have places you need to see, Lviv has places you need to be. So many places, in fact, that any list of favourites or recommendations is bound to overlook some mighty fine locales. In addition to the places we cover in this article, we wholeheartedly recommend stopping in at any place that looks interesting – dodge into those narrow alleyways, peek into those ancient courtyards, climb up those extra flights of stairs – you’re bound to find one of Lviv’s hidden gems that havn’t made this article. That being said, we believe we have you covered. So here it is: Lviv’s Walking Terrace Tour.

Holiday Getaways from Lviv

Issue 78, April 2015.
Ukrainians love to celebrate and we certainly have our fair share of celebrations. There are religious holidays like Orthodox Christmas, Easter, and the Holy Trinity, newly accepted Western holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day, and those that are tied in to Ukraine’s independence, including Independence Day and Constitution Day. Others, such as Labour Day and Victory Day, have their roots in Soviet times.

Sacred Lviv: The Multicultural Capital of Ukraine

Issue 77, March 2015.
Given the multitude of monikers the city has been known as – Leopolis, Lemberg, Lwow, Lvov, and now proudly as Ukrainian Lviv – it should be no surprise that the Western Ukrainian capital is known for its multicultural nature. Located, as it were, on an important east-west trade route, as well as on the fault line between Western- and Eastern-rite Christianity, the city has for most of its existence been the home to over 100 diverse ethnic and national groups, all of which have made a distinctive mark on the city’s history and current modern appearance. Ruled over the centuries at times by Ruthenian princes, Austrian emperors, and Polish kings, Lviv has become famous for its multicultural and multi-religious character.

The Rocks of Dovbush: West Ukraine’s Natural and Historic Wonder

Issue 73, November 2014.
The Rocks of Dovbush are a fascinating combination of natural wonders and manmade creations that can be found in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. Part of the Polyantytskiy Regional Landscape Park, the site has been named one of Ukraine’s seven natural and historical landmarks. The sandstone cliffs were formed some 70 million years ago when the area was at the bottom of a warm sea, and consists of oddly shaped stones, massive caves, shadowy gorges, impressive fortifications, yawning pits, winding labyrinths, and mysterious pathways.